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(Wikipedia) - Iranganie Serasinghe Iranganie Roxanna Serasinghe Born Nationality Other names Education Occupation Religion Spouse(s) Children
(1927-06-21) June 21, 1927 (age 87) Mudungomuwa,Ruwanwella, Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan
Iranganie Roxanna Meedeniya
St. Bridget''s, Bishops'', Kandy High School University of Ceylon in Art
Teaching(Musaeus college) Journalist(Times, SLBC) Film ,Television and Stage actress
Roman Catholic
  • Prof. S.B. Dissanayake
  • Winston Serasinghe
Ravi Serasinghe and Ranjit Serasinghe

Kala Keerthi Iranganie Roxanna Serasinghe (née Meedeniya) (born 1931) is a Sri Lankan actress. Since her debut in Rekava, Serasinghe has become recognized for playing motherly figures in various films and television serials.

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Biography Early life and education

Iranganie Meedeniya grew up in Mudugamuwa, near Ruwanwella in a tranquil village setting. Her early touches with nature would later lead her to become an environmental activist. In the meantime Meedeniya was encouraged to pursue acting by her parents. While attending Bishop''s College she played in several end-of-term plays; at Girls'' High School, Kandy whilst pursuing a HSC Meedeniya took a leading role in an adaptation of Pygmalion.

Against her father a Rate Mahatthaya''s wishes, Meedeniya entered the University of Ceylon in 1947 with the support of her cousins. He died in her first year away at a time when Marxist ideas were the norm. She immersed herself in the Ceylon theater scene while there under the guidance of Professor Ludowyk; she also became a proficient dancer with lessons from Chitrasena.

She eventually graduated with an Arts degree and travelled to London with letters of recommendation from Ludowyk following a marriage to Professor Dissanayake (they divorced some time later). There with the help of actresses Flora Robson and Sybil Thorndyke, Meedeniya attended Bristol Old Vic Theatre School for a year and the London School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art for two years.

Theater and film

Returning to Sri Lanka, Meedeniya met up with Ludowyk and Austrian Jew director Neuman Jubal and got back into theater. Doing mainly English roles at first, she delved in Sinhala plays per Henry Jayasena''s suggestion beginning with Apata Puthe Magak Nethe and following with roles in Damma Jagoda''s Sinhala version of A Streetcar Named Desire, Ves Muhunu, and Porisadaya. The following years saw Meedeniya in constantly changing settings–teaching briefly at Musaeus College, working for the Times of Ceylon after returning from London, doing a stint at the SLBC and handling a post in the tourist trade working as a junior executive for Mackwood''s.

Meedeniya entrance into film was a short work done by Lester James Peries for the Government Film Unit covering traffic safety. Peries subsequently cast her in his debut feature film Rekava as the mother of its protagonist. Though the film was a flop, Peries received rave reviews from critics and the cast was pleased with the work. It has since achieved an iconic status in Sri Lanka.

In 1960 Meedeniya married Winston Serasinghe who had appeared in Rekava and some other productions with her. With the new surname, Iranganie Serasinghe achieved fame as an actress appearing in many of Peries'' early work.

Filmography Film

Year Show Role
1950 Rekava (රේඛාව) Karthina
1960 Sandesaya (සංදේශය) Female Spy
1966 Delovak Athara (දෙලොවක් අතර) Nissanka''s mother
1967 The Yellow Dress,"Ran salu" (original title) (රන් සළු)
1970 Thewatha(තේවත්ත)
1970 Priyanga (ප්‍රියන්ගා)
1974 The God King (ද ගෝඩ් කිං) Varuni
1981 Sagarayak Meda (සාගරයක් මැද)
1982 Deveni Gamana (දෙවැනි ගමන) Saman''s mother
1984 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,Hollywood (ඉන්දියානා ජෝන්ස්) Village Woman
1984 Dadayama (දඩයම)
1984 Avurududa (අවිරැදූ දා) Malani''s Mother
1990 Awaragira (අවරගිර) Dingiri Menike
1993 Poronduwa (පොරොන්දුව) Mrs. Rambukwella
1996 Loku Duwa (ලොකු දුව) Punna''s Mother
1998 Iqbal (Italy) (ඉක්බාල්) Nonna
2002 Sudu Sevanali (සුදු සෙවනැලි)
2002 Mansion by the Lake, "Wekande Walauwa" (original title) (වෑකන්ද වලව්ව) Aunt Catherine
2003 Sakman Maluwa (සක්මන් මළුව)
2005 Pawana Ralu Viya (පවන රළු විය) Mrs. Weerasinghe
2005 Water,Bollywood(වෝටර්) Mother in Law
2007 Nisala Gira (නිසලගිර)
2008 Heart FM (හාර්ට් එෆ් එම්)

Kinihiriya mal

Television Year Show Role
1980s Yashorawaya(යශෝරාවය) Suduhamine
1990–1995 Doo Daruwo(දූ දරුවෝ) Dulsey/Sudu aachchi
1992 Village by the Sea-Gamperaliya()
1996–1997 Nadayo
1997 Ammai Thaththai(අම්මයි තාත්තයි)
1999–2001 Sathpuravesiyo(සත්පුරවැසියෝ)
2008–2009 Muthu Kirilli(මුතු) කිරිල්ලී
2010–2011 Amanda(අමන්දා) granny

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