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The Iranian American Medical Association (IAMA), is a charitable, non-profit organization for Iranian-American healthcare professionals and students. IAMA is formed exclusively for educational and charitable purposes and in the last 16 years has carried out following functions:

  • Disseminated medical knowledge to all its members as well as other medical professionals by means of bulletins, meetings, and continuing medical education (CME) activities.
  • Supported and guided students of Iranian descent studying in the field of medicine and allied fields in the United States.
  • Disseminated medical information among Iranians in the USA by means of available media in the United States.
  • Attempted to provide free medical assistance to needy Iranians by all available means in the United States.

As the largest medical association of Iranian Healthcare Professionals in North America, IAMA has established eight chapters across the United States and provides a multitude of charitable and educational services.

Each year, IAMA holds meetings and conferences throughout its chapters, including an annual symposium and accredited CME seminars. These events help unite Iranian-American healthcare professionals from all over the United States. IAMA promotes education at these events by offering up to 10 hours of AMA (American Medical Association) category CME (continuing medical education).

Dr. Khalil Sharifzadeh is the current President of Iranian American Medical Association.


IAMA-Javaan is a section of Iranian American Medical Association which aims to mobilize young Iranian-American medical professionals and carry the torch for the next generation of Iranian-American healthcare professionals through organizing fundraisers, meetings and networking events. IAMA-Javaan strives to carry out the following functions:

1. Promote the interest of the younger generation members of the Association.

2. Support and guide students, residents, fellows, and young professionals of Iranian descent studying in medicine and its allied fields.

3. Actively promote the academic and humanitarian commitments of the Parent Association.

4. Disseminate information to interested young Iranian professional seeking immigration to the United States to study and practice in medicine and its allied fields.

In the last four years, IAMA-Javaan has been the principal contact for young members of the association and has made a great effort to facilitate the process of integration of young Iranian American Medical Professionals into American medical practice.

Dr. Sahar Faghih is the current President of IAMA-Javaan.

IAMA Website

In 2006, Dr. Omid Zad joined IAMA as a new member and took the lead in developing a new and improved website. IAMA.or] was then officially introduced. The new website provided multiple features to its users including online membership registration with online payment, online event registration, newsletter, membership community and much more. Dr. Omid Zad is the current web administrator of Iranian American Medical Association.

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