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The Iranian Tobacco Company (ITC) was established in 1928 to achieve improvement and progress in the global tobacco industry.

ITC''s brands include Bahman, Tir, Farvardin, 57, Homa, Zar, Kish, Caspian, Marlleak, Special Oshno, 98 and 68.

Iranian Original Tombac is a global known brand and is imported by many countries. Countries in the Persian Gulf coast, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq are among these consumers.

The tobacco farmed in Iran varies from eastern types like Basma and Tiklak: Semi Eastern like Trabozan and Western as Virginia and Barley is exported to many countries in Europe and the Near East.

The process of incorporation in the industry has been aimed at ITC via establishing treatments with world top companies.

ITC is going to expand the capability in export field by using recent technology to manipulate and re-hydrate tobacco.

ITC has been accompanying actively with CORESAT since 1956.

ITC Technicians and experts attend in all seminars and symposia of CORESAT biannually to improve and exchange researches and scientific documents of the recent techniques in tobacco field.

ITC campus is located in Qazvin Avenue, Tehran, Iran.

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