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Updated:Thursday 17th May 2012

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(Wikipedia) - Iranian pottery or Persian pottery (sometimes known as gombroon) production presents a continuous history from the beginning of Iranian history until the present day. Ceramic is perhaps the earliest and the most important invention made by man. For historians and archaeologists it is the most significant of the artistic manifestations. For historians and archaeologists pottery of a certain period manifests the contemporary social organisation, economic conditions and cultural stage of that particular region. By studying pottery one may form impressions about the life, the religion of people and their history, about their social relationships, their attitude towards their neighbours, to their own world and even to their interpretation of the universe as it was then known to them. Other media, e.g. metal and textiles can be destroyed, or re-used, but pottery is indestructible, and even small fragments reveal a great deal of information for an expert. In Iran pottery manufacture has a long and brilliant history. Due to the special geographical position of the country, being at the crossroads of ancient civilizations and on important caravan routes, almost every part of Iran was, at times, involved in pottery making. Yet, recent excavations and archaeological research revealed that there were four major pottery-manufacturing areas in the Iranian plateau. These included the western part of the country, namely the area west of the Zagros mountains, and the area south of the Caspian Sea. These two areas are chronologically as far as is known today, the earliest. The third region is located in the northwestern part of the country, in Azarbaijan province. The fourth area is in the southeast, i.e. the Kerman region and Baluchestan. To these four regions one may also add the Kavir area, where the history of pottery making can be dated back to the 8th millennium BCE.

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