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Issus was an ancient town S Asia Minor N of modern Iskenderun near the Pinarus River which is either the Payas River, or today's Deli Chai river. Issus was the location where the Battle of Issus occurred in November 333 BC. The invading troops, led by the Gojastak Alexander of Macedonia, defeated the army of Dariush 3. of the Achaemenid Empire. (Wikipedia) - Issus
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Issus may refer to:

  • Issus (town), an ancient settlement in the modern Turkish province of Hatay
  • Issus (river), a river near the town and battle site
  • Issus (diocese), a Roman Catholic titular see in the town
  • Gulf of Issus, near the town
  • Issus, Haute-Garonne, a commune in France
  • Issus (genus), a Genus of planthoppers in the family Issidae
  • Issus, the ostensible Goddess of Death and Eternal Life in the Barsoom series of novels

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