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Jalayirid Sultanate
Division of Ilkhanate territory
Capital Baghdad (Till 1411), Basra (1411-1432)
Languages Arabic, Persian, Mongolian
Government Monarchy
 -  Established 1335
 -  Disestablished 1432
History of Greater Iran Until the rise of modern nation-states Pre-modern
Proto-Elamite civilization 3200–2800 BC
Elamite dynasties 2800–550 BC
Jiroft culture
Bactria-Margiana Complex 2200–1700 BC
Kingdom of Mannai 10th–7th century BC
Median Empire 728–550 BC
Scythian Kingdom 652–625 BC
Achaemenid Empire 550–330 BC
Seleucid Empire 330–150 BC
Greco-Bactrian Kingdom 250–125 BC
Parthian Empire 248–BC 224
Kushan Empire 30–275
Sasanian Empire 224–651
Afrighid dynasty 305–995
Hephthalite Empire 425–557
Kabul Shahi kingdom 565–879
Dabuyid dynasty 642–760
Alania 8th–9th century–1238/1239
Patriarchal Caliphate 637–651
Umayyad Caliphate 661–750
Abbasid Caliphate 750–1258
Tahirid dynasty 821–873
Zaydis of Tabaristan 864–928
Saffarid dynasty 861–1003
Samanid Empire 819–999
Sajid dynasty 889/890–929
Ziyarid dynasty 928–1043
Buyid dynasty 934–1055
Sallarid dynasty 941–1062
Ghaznavid Empire 975–1187
Ghurid dynasty before 879–1215
Seljuq Empire 1037–1194
Khwarazmian dynasty 1077–1231
Ilkhanate 1256–353
Kartids dynasty 1231–389
Muzaffarid dynasty 1314–1393
Chupanid dynasty 1337–1357
Jalairid Sultanate 1339–1432
Timurid Empire 1370–1506
Qara Qoyunlu Turcomans 1407–1468
Aq Qoyunlu Turcomans 1378–1508
Safavid Empire 1501–1722
Mughal Empire 1526–1857
Hotaki Empire 1722–1729
Afsharid dynasty 1736–1750
Zand dynasty 1750–1794
Durrani Empire 1794–1826
Qajar dynasty 1794–1925
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The Jalayirids were a Mongol Jalayir dynasty which ruled over Iraq and western Persia after the breakup of the Mongol Khanate of Persia (or Ilkhanate) in the 1330s. The Jalayirid sultanate lasted about fifty years, until disrupted by Tamerlane''s conquests and the revolts of the "Black Sheep Turks" or Qara Qoyunlu Turkmen. After Tamerlane''s death in 1405, there was a brief attempt to re-establish the sultanate in southern Iraq and Khuzistan. The Jalayirids were finally eliminated by Kara Koyunlu in 1432.

Jalayrid coinage, Baghdad, 1382-1387.

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Rulers of Jalayirid Sultanate Title/Name Personal Name Reign
Taj-ud-Din تاج الدین Hasan Buzurg 1336–1356
Mu''izz-ud-duniya wa al-Din معزالدنیا والدین Bahadur Khan بهادرخان Shaikh Awais Jalayir 1356–1374
Jalal-ud-Din جلال الدین Shaikh Hasan Jalayir 1374
Ghiyas-ud-Din ‏غیاث الدین Shaikh Hussain Jalayir 1374–1382
Shaikh Bayazid Jalayir Ruler of Iraq-i ''Ajam at Soltaniyeh & Contender for the throne 1382-1384
Sultan سلطان Sultan Ahmed Jalayir Ruler of Iraq-i ''Arab at Baghdad & Contender for the throne 1382–1410
Shah Walad Jalayir son of Shaikh Ali Jalayir 1410–1411
Sultan سلطان Mahmud bin Shah Walad Jalayir under tutelage of Tandu Khatun 1411 (1st reign)
Sultan سلطان Awais bin Shah Walad Jalayir 1411-1421
Sultan سلطان Muhammad bin Shah Walad Jalayir 1421
Sultan سلطان Mahmud bin Shah Walad Jalayir 1421-1425 (2nd reign)
Hussain bin Ala-ud-Daulah bin Sultan Ahmed Jalayir 1425-1432
Kara Koyunlu conquest of southern Iraq
Family tree
      Husein Gurkan   daughter of Arghun                    
          Hasan Buzurg 1336–1356   Delshad Katun                
              Uvais I 1356–1374                    
      Alishah   Husain I 1374–1382       Ahmad 1383–1410   Hasan 1374
      Shah Valad 1410–1411   Tandura Khatun       Al''a od-Dowleh        
  Mahmud 1411–1415   Uvais II 1415–1421   Mohammed 1421–1422   Husain II 1424–1432        

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