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(Wikipedia) - Jaam-e Jam (newspaper)   (Redirected from Jam-e Jam) For the television station, see Jaam-e Jam (television). For the city in Iran, see Jam, Iran.

Jaam-e Jam (Persian: جام جم‎) is a Persian language daily newspaper published in Iran.

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History and profile

Jaam-e Jam had its first issue on 29 April 2000. It is published by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), with a conservative bent and Bijan Moghaddam is director and editor in chief and Akbar Yaghoobi is public relation manager of the newspaper. Panorama is one of its supplements and the first weekly English newspaper of the country.

The paper focuses on cultural and social news.

Based on the results of a domestic poll of how citizens of Tehran view television and print media which were released by Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Jaam-e Jam was read at 7.5% in March 2014.

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