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Jet Definition

Jet engine, aircraft engine Jet aircraft, an aircraft propelled by jet engines Aircraft powered by jet propulsion (Wikipedia) - Jet
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Jet, Jets, or The Jets may refer to:

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  • Jet Airways, based in India
  • Wind Jet, Italian airline, ICAO code "JET"
  • Jet engine, aircraft engine
    • Jet aircraft, an aircraft propelled by jet engines
Fiction Characters
  • Jet (comics), comic book character from New Guardians
  • Jet (Wildstorm), comic book character
  • The Jets, a gang in the 1957 Broadway musical West Side Story
  • Jet Alone, character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series
  • Jet Black, character from the anime Cowboy Bebop, see List of Cowboy Bebop characters
  • Jet Fusion, a cartoon character from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  • Jet Jackson, from 50s TV show Jet Jackson, Flying Commando
  • Jett Jackson, from 1999-2001 TV show The Famous Jett Jackson
  • Jet Jaguar, character from the 1973 film Godzilla vs. Megalon
  • Jet Link, who is Cyborg 002, a character from Cyborg 009
  • Jet the Hawk, a video game character from Sonic Riders
  • Jet, an alternate name for Ground Control, a 1998 American thriller
Journals and magazines
  • JET, abbreviated title for the Journal of Economic Theory, an academic journal in the field of economics
  • Jet (magazine), an African-American themed magazine
  • JETS, abbreviated title for the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, a refereed theological journal
  • Journal of Evolution and Technology, a contemporary journal which foresight into long-term developments in science, technology and philosophy
Mathematics and science
  • Astrophysical jet, in astrophysics, a stream of matter emitted along the axis of a rotating astronomical body
  • Jet (fluid), a coherent stream of fluid that is projected into a surrounding medium, usually from some kind of a nozzle or aperture
  • Jet (lignite), a type of coal used in some jewelry (origin of the adjective "jet-black")
  • Jet (mathematics), an operation on a differentiable function
  • Jet (particle physics), a narrow cone of hadrons and other particles produced by the hadronization of a quark or gluon
  • Jet stream, in meteorology, commonly referred to as "jet"
  • Joint European Torus, an experimental nuclear fusion machine
Music Performers
  • Jet (band), an Australian rock band with the Cester brothers, active from 2001 to 2012
  • Jet (UK band), a one-album British glam rock band from London, active 1974–1976, and afterward re-formed as Radio Stars
  • The Jets (band), an American pop, R&B, dance, and religious-music band
  • The Jets (British band), Rockabilly band, who had a hit single in February 1982 with "Love Makes The World Go Round"
  • The Jets (Illinois band), an American 1970s rock band from Pekin, Illinois
  • J.E.T., an Italian-progressive-rock band related to Matia Bazar
Record label
  • Jet Records, a record label
  • "Jet" (song), a 1973 single by Paul McCartney & Wings
  • "Jet (Jet, My Love)", a song by Nat King Cole
Places Products and business
  • jet, a tube, nozzle, or passageway in a carburetor
  • JET, an acronym for Java Emitter Templates
  • JET, an acronym for Joint Engine Technology
  • Jet (brand), a filling-station brand name
  • Jet (video game), a 1985 fighter-jet simulation game
  • JET TV, abbreviated name for Japan Entertainment Television
  • Matra Djet (Matra Sports Jet), a French sports car
  • Microsoft Jet Database Engine
  • Samsung Jet, a mobile-phone handset
  • Delhi Jets, a cricket team from Indian Cricket League
  • Ipswich Jets, Australian rugby league team
  • New York Jets, an American football team
  • Newcastle United Jets, Australian association football club
  • Newtown Jets, Australian rugby league team
  • Winnipeg Jets, a professional ice hockey team
  • Winnipeg Jets (1972–1996), a former professional ice hockey team
  • Benny Urquidez (born 1952), kickboxer, choreographer and actor known as "The Jet"
  • Jason Eugene Terry, professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics, nicknamed "JET"
  • Jay Emmanuel-Thomas (born 1990), English association football player for Ipswich Town F.C., nicknamed "JET"
  • Jet (Diane Youdale, born 1970), one of the stars of Gladiators
  • Jet, also known as Monica Carlson, Women''s Champion of the first season of American Gladiators
  • JETS, the Junior Engineering Technical Society, a national non-profit educational organization to promote engineering and technology careers to youth
  • JETS, the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, a theological journal
  • JETS, abbreviation for the Jewish Educational Trade School, a technical college and high school for young Jewish men
Other uses
  • Jet of Iada (1942–1949), Dickin Medal-winning dog
  • Jet Li (born 1963), Chinese martial artist, actor, Wushu champion, and international film star
  • JET Programme, the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (teaching English)
  • Jet, type of nozzle, used on gas cookers and many other applications
  • Jet (lignite), a black or brown semi-precious mineral

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