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John, Johnny, Jack, Jackie, or Jock Simpson may refer to:

  • 1 Politicians
  • 2 Cultural figures
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  • 4 Sports figures
  • 5 Military figures
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  • John Simpson (Parliamentarian), politician of the post-English Civil War period, see Thomas Kelsey
  • John Simpson (Kentucky), American Congressman-elect from Kentucky, who died before the start of the 13th Congress in 1813, see Kentucky in the War of 1812
  • John Simpson (Quebec politician) (1788–1873), government official and politician in Quebec
  • John Simpson (Canada West politician) (1807–1878), Canadian businessman and politician
  • John Simpson (Ontario politician) (1812–1885), Ontario banker and member of the Senate of Canada
  • John A. Simpson (1854–1916), Canadian politician
  • John Thomas Simpson (1870–1965), Conservative member of the Canadian House of Commons
  • John Simpson (MP) (1763–1850), English politician, Member of Parliament for Wenlock
Cultural figures
  • John Simpson, bassist in the American R&B band The SOS Band
  • John Simpson (actor/producer), Canadian actor
  • Sir John William Simpson (1858–1933), English architect
  • John Simpson (architect) (born 1954), British modern-day classical architect
  • John Palgrave Simpson (1807–1887), Victorian playwright
  • John L. Simpson (born 1963), Australian film and theatre producer, writer and distributor
Academic figures
  • John B. Simpson (born 1947), former president of the University at Buffalo
  • John Wistar Simpson (1914–2007), American electrical engineer
  • John Simpson (lexicographer) (born 1953)
  • John Alexander Simpson (1916–2000), physicist
Sports figures
  • Jack Simpson (1858–1895), Scottish golfer
  • Jock Simpson (1886–1959), England and Blackburn Rovers footballer
  • John Simpson (footballer born 1918) (1918–2000), English footballer, played for Huddersfield Town and York City
  • John Simpson (footballer born 1933) (1933–1993), English footballer, played for Lincoln City and Gillingham
  • Jackie Simpson (defensive back) (born 1934), American football player
  • Jackie Simpson (linebacker) (1936–1983), linebacker
  • John Simpson (boxer) (born 1983), Scottish featherweight boxer
  • John Simpson (cricketer) (born 1988), English cricketer
  • John Simpson (fencer) (born 1927), Australian Olympic fencer
  • John Simpson (basketball), professional basketball player
  • Johnny Simpson (1922–2010), New Zealand rugby union player
Military figures
  • John Simpson (soldier) (1748–1825), American Revolutionary War soldier at the Battle of Bunker Hill
  • John Simpson (VC) (1826–1884), Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • John Simpson Kirkpatrick (1892–1915), Australian World War I war hero (who enlisted as "John Simpson")
  • John Herbert Thomas Simpson (1907–1967), senior RAF officer in the mid-1950s and eighth Commandant Royal Observer Corps
  • John Simpson (British Army officer) (1927–2007), British Army officer and Director SAS
Miscellaneous figures
  • John Simpson (journalist/consumer advocate) (born 1948), American consumer rights advocate and former journalist
  • John Simpson (martyr), one of the Marian martyrs
  • Rev. John Simpson (Presbyterian) (1740–1808), of South Carolina, in the American Revolutionary War
  • Rev. John Simpson (Unitarian) (1746–1812), of Bath, English Unitarian minister and religious writer
  • John Woodruff Simpson (1850–1920), American lawyer and founding partner at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett
  • Sir John Hope Simpson (1868–1961), English administrator in India
  • John D. Simpson (1901–1988), Canadian businessman in the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame
  • John Milton Bryan Simpson (1903–1987), American judge
  • John Simpson (police official) (born 1932), former director of US Secret Service and Interpol
  • John Simpson (journalist) (born 1944), BBC journalist and world affairs editor
  • John Simpson (priest) (born 1933), Anglican clergyman
  • John Baird Simpson (1894–1960), Scottish geologist
  • John Chandler Simpson, a fictional character in Eric Flint''s alternate history book series 1632

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