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(Wikipedia) - Kazerun For the administrative subdivision, see Kazerun County. For the village in Markazi Province, see Kazerun, Markazi. Kazerun كازرون Country Province County Bakhsh Government  • Mayor Elevation Population (2006)  • Total Time zone  • Summer (DST) Area code(s)
Nickname(s): City of Science City of Civilization The Green City
Coordinates: 29°37′10″N 51°39′15″E / 29.61944°N 51.65417°E / 29.61944; 51.65417Coordinates: 29°37′10″N 51°39′15″E / 29.61944°N 51.65417°E / 29.61944; 51.65417
Mehrdad Tadayyon
860 m (2,820 ft)
IRST (UTC+3:30)
IRDT (UTC+4:30)

Kazerun (Persian: كازرون‎, also Romanized as Kāzerūn, Kāzarūn, and Kazeroun; also known as Kasrun) is a city in and the capital of Kazerun County, Fars Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 84,594, in 20,810 families. Its agricultural products include date palms, citrus orchards, wheat, tobacco, rice, cotton, and vines.

The nearby ruins of the ancient city of Bishapur 12 mi. (19 km) N., include bas-relief depictions from the Sasanid era (ca. 224–651). A statue of Shapur I (AD 241–272) can be found in a large cave at the site. The ruins of the Qal''eh-ye Gabri (Castle of the Gabrs, or Zoroastrians) are located on a mound S.E. of Kazerun.

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Mohsen Pezeshkian and Nasrollah Mardani, are famous Persian poets, comes from Kazerun. It is also believed that Salman the Persian, one of the followers of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, comes from this city. "Welcome to Salman the Persian" can be seen at the entrance of the city. Haj Sadrallah Zamanian was one of the pillar of the community for many years. The town is also the scene of a famous battle in the novel My Uncle Napoleon.

Kazerun is a city of Science. Qotb al-Din Kazeruni, Allame Jalaladdin Davani, Allame Ali Davani, Sheykh Abueshaq Kazeruni, Sadid al-Din al-Kazaruni, Behjat ololama, Sheykh Amin addin baliani, Mirza Saleh Kazeruni, Haj Moein Al Tojar Kazeruni, Vakil al Tojar Kazeruni, Mohammad Taghi Mokhtari,and Naser divan Kazeruni are from Kazerun. The mothers of Hafez and Saadi were also from Kazerun. Haj Moein al tojar Kazeruni was one of the pillars of the city and was very famous for his good deeds. Ayatallah Mokhtarian was from Kazerun and was buried there. Firouz Naderi, (the Associate Director of NASA''s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), responsible for Project Formulation and Strategy), was born in Kazerun. Dr. Abdolreza Hajipoor, one of the best chemist in Iran is from Kazerun. Dr. Abdulrasool Jamshidi, a noted scientist in US was born in Kazerun. Another noted scientist in the engineering field from Kazerun living in US is Shahram Zamanian. Reza Malekzadeh,one of the best Medical scientist and gastroenterologist who is well known in Iran is from Kazerun.


Mohsen pezeshkian (1948–1979) was a Persian poet, anthropologist, actor, designer, cartoonist, sculptor, calligrapher, painter and political prisoner. He was born on Tuesday, January 26, 1948 in Kazeroon. He received his early education in Kazeroon, Bushehr and Tehran. Then he was graduated in the major of Persian literature from Tehran University. Pezeshkian poems are the best and most poetic works of that era From the view of literature literacy , Mastering on the fundamentals of ancient and modern poetry and poetic experiences diversity. His mastery on the ancient forms like sonnets and quatrains are admirable. In March 1974 he exhibited his paintings at the Literature Faculty of Tehran University''s exhibit hall. He has staged some political plays at the Tehran University with the help of Faramarz Talebi. He spent about a year in Evin and Ghezelhesar prisons because of his political and social activities. He died in 1979 in a car accident.

Places of interest

Parishan Lake is near Kazerun, Shapur River and Shapur statue (The largest statue of ancient Iran) is near Bishapur.


The historic city Bishapur is near Kazerun. This city was a capital of the Sasanian Empire.

Recreational places

Barm Plain is biggest Plain of Oak in Iran, Davan, Sarmashhad and Kaskan are three villages in Kazerun. The old name of Kazerun was "Green City".

Ashora and tasoa carnival

This carnival has been one of the most celebrated and unique carnivals in Iran. The date of this carnival is in the ninth and tenth of Moharam Month. In these two days people go out and show the killing of Hussein, son of Ali. The theater starts from morning til noon. Almost all people in the city walk on the street together. They morn for this historical event.

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