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Updated:Monday 12th May 2008

Kharazm Definition

Kharazm is referred to the land in Amu Darya Delta hosting several vassal Iranian states in history covering most of today's Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. From Iranian origin, people referred to as Kharazmian played an important role in keeping Iranian ancient culture alive during several invasions by Aniranian Arabs, Mongols, etc.According to Biruni; Kharazm was first ruled in 1292 B.C. by Siyavash, the hero of Iranian epic Shahnameh, and later by his son Kay Khosrau as part of the greater Khorasan.Kharazm was under Afrighid and then Samanid control until the 10th century before it was conquered by the Ghaznavid rulers.In the 11th century, the Kharazmi Empire was founded and, in the early 13th century, ruled over all of Persia under the Shah Aladdin Mohammad 2.-Kharazm is the name of a city in Today’s Uzbekistan.

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