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Provinces in East Iran. Historically, the greater Khorasan also included areas north of Iran which are independent countries now. Its capital is Mashhad. The region was first named by the Sassanid dynasty, in whose language it means "Land of the Sun." It was overrun by Muslim armies 650. Under Arab rule, it encompassed a vast territory including what is now southern Turkmenistan and northern Afghanistan. It was conquered 1220 by Genghiz Khan and in 1380 by Teimur. Its current frontiers, as a province of Iran, were defined in 1881. Its population is composed of many ethnic groups as a result of numerous migrations and invasions over the centuries. (Wikipedia) - Khorasan

Khorasan may refer to:

  • Greater Khorasan, a historic region which lies mostly in modern-day Afghanistan, Iran, Turkmenistan and Pakistan. It was previously known as Parthia; later, during the Sassanid era, it was changed to Khorasan.
  • Khorasan Province, a pre-2004 province of Iran, subsequently divided into:
  • Khorasan, Kurdistan, a village in Kurdistan Province, Iran
  • Khorosan, alternate name of Sain Qaleh, Iran
  • Khorasan wheat, a wheat variety
  • Khorasan (Islamist group)
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