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Updated:Monday 13th October 2014

Khordad Definition

Khordad/Taygasish: Third month of the year in Persian Solar Calendar. khordad has 31 days and begins on May and ends on June. Khordad is the 3rd month of spring. Iranian civil calendar (May 22 - June 21).- Khordadgan is of month name Persian Festivities celebrated in Khordad (Wikipedia) - Khordad

Khordad (Persian: خرداد, Persian pronunciation: ) is the third month of the Iranian calendar. Khordad has thirty-one days. It begins in May and ends in June by the Gregorian calendar. Khordad is the third month of the spring season (Bahar). It is followed by Tir.

Events Deaths
  • 2 - 1390 - Nasser Hejazi, an Iranian football player and coach.
  • 12 - 1392 - Jalal Al-Din Taheri, Iranian scholar, theologian and Islamic philosopher.
  • 25 - 1391 - Hassan Kassai, Iranian iconic master of Persian classical music.
  • 27 - 1392 - Jalil Shahnaz, Iranian maestros.
  • 31 - 1392 - Abdol-Aziz Mirza Farmanfarmaian, Iranian architect.

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