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Khosrau Definition

Persian male first name. Name of some Parthian and Sassanid Kings.See:-. Khosrau 1 of Parthia / Osores I (c. 110 - 128/129 AD)- Khosau Anoushirvan- Khosrau Golesorkhi- Kay Khosrau- Khosrau Parviz (Wikipedia) - Khosrau For places in Iran, see Khosrow, Iran (disambiguation).

Khusro, Khosrau, Khusrau, Kasra, Khosrow, Khusrow or Khusraw (Khosrow in Modern Persian; Kisrā (كسرى) in Arabic; Osroes or Chosroes in Greek; Hüsrev in Turkish) is the name of a mythical Persian leader, in the Avesta of the Zoroastrians known as Kavi Haosravah, with the meaning "with good reputation". A number of rulers of Persia, Armenia (Armenian: Խոսրով Xosrov) and the Middle East are known by this name, and in some times and places it has come to mean king or ruler hence Khosrau (king).

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  • Of the Shahnameh:
    • Kai Khosrow
  • Of the Parthian Empire:
    • Osroes I of Parthia c. 109-129
    • Osroes II of Parthia c. 190
  • Of the Arsacid dynasty of Armenia:
    • Khosrov I 198–217
    • Khosrov II c.252
    • Khosrov III 330–339
    • Khosrov IV 387–389
  • Of the Sassanid Empire of Persia:
    • Khosrau I 531-579 ("the Blessed", Anushirvan)
    • Khosrau II 590-628 ("the Victorious", Parvez; grandson of Khosrau I)
    • Khosrau III 630
    • Khosrau IV 631–633
  • Of the Ghaznavid Empire:
    • Mu''izz ud-Dawlah Khusrau Shah 1152-1160
    • Taj ud-Dawlah Khusrau Malik 1160-1186
  • Of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm in Anatolia:
    • Ghiyas ad-Din Kaykhusraw I 1192-1196 and 1205-1211
    • Ghiyas ad-Din Kaykhusraw II 1237-1246
    • Ghiyas ad-Din Kaykhusraw III 1265-1282
  • Khusrau Khan, Sultan of Delhi for four months in 1320
  • Prince Khusrau Mirza (Khusraw) lived 1587–1622, son of Mughal emperor Jahangir
  • Amir Khusrow (1253–1325) was a famous Sufi musician and poet of India
  • Gazi Husrev-beg (1480-1541) known as "Khuṣrow Beg" ruled in the Balkans
  • See also the article on Nizami Ganjavi''s story of Khosrow and Shirin.
Women of this name
  • Khosrovidukht (flourished second half of 3rd century & first half of 4th century), an Arsacid Armenian Princess and sister of Tiridates III of Armenia
  • Khosrovidukht (flourished 8th century), an Armenian hymnographer and poet
Modern people
  • Amir Khosrow Afshar (born 1919, date of death unknown), an Iranian diplomat
  • Khosrow Jahanbani (born 1942), Iranian royal
  • Khosrov bey Sultanov (1879–1947), a statesman from Azerbaijan

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