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Kiani Definition

The Kiani dynasty or the Kianians were the second legendary dynasty of Iran after the Pishdadians. The Kiani dynasties have been inscribed in Zoroastrian resources, especially Avesta and Samanid legends. Also in some old Pahlavi resources such as:- Pandheshn (Bundahishn) meaning Primal Creation, is the traditional name of an encyclopedic collections of Zoroastrian cosmogony and cosmology.- Dinkard (Denkart) meaning Acts of Religion is a summary of the Zoroastrian beliefs and customs which is also a source of information on the religion.- Minuye-Kherad meaning: Spirit of Wisdom is an important text in Zoroastrianism.Some historians believe that the Kiani ruled in Eastern Iran and some others correlate them with Achaemenid Dynasty. According to Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, epic of kings, the Kiani dynasty starts with Kay Qobad and ends with Alexander, son of Dara.There are three eras related to Kiani kings;- Kay Qobad- kay Kavoos, grandfather of Kay Khosrau- Kay Khosrau son of Siavash - Kay Lahrasb- Kay Gashtasb- Kay Bahman- Kay Homay- Darab- Dara- Eskandar (Alexander)According to Shahnameh, Alexander is the son of Dara (Dariush III) which is consistent with some narrations of Alexander’s biography. (Wikipedia) - Kiani Kiani Publication information Publisher First appearance Created by In-story information Team affiliations Notable aliases Abilities
Fathom: Dawn of War #1 Talent Caldwell, Jason Gorder & Peter Steigerwald.
Aspen MLT (2003-present)
Michael Turner Presents: Aspen #2 (2004)
Michael Turner and Talent Caldwell.
The Blue
  • Manipulation of Water
  • Breathes Underwater
  • Healing Factor

Kiani is a supporting character of Fathom, a comic book series created by Michael Turner Kiani has appeared in Fathom: Dawn of War, Fathom Volume 2 and 3, and has also appeared in her own series, Fathom Kiani.

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Early years

Kiani''s childhood was largely defined by her parents'' death during the destruction of Marielle, an underwater city of the Blue. At a young age, she was taken as an apprentice by the enigmatic Casque. Casque and Cannon Hawke educated and trained her, and she eventually joined the Security Force of the Blue council. They also tried to show her that her hatred towards Humanity is misplaced, but failed in that regard. This hardened her attitude and causes her to be quite headstrong. However, she continues her work with the Security Force and is a respected warrior.

Shepherd''s Field

Kiani''s destiny changes as Casque and some trainees are caught and abducted by order of Admiral Maylander, while they were training on Shepherd''s Field. As she hears of the abductions, she is devastated and allies herself with Marquesis, a member of the Blue council, and his group of commandos. Together, they storm a secret American Navy base where Casque and the others are being held.

Dawn of War

The group finds out that scientists have been conducting several experiments on their Blue captives, trying to analyze their strengths and their weaknesses. They manage to rescue Casque and many other captives. Kiani also discovers that Marquesis has gone rogue and has been cutting deals with Admiral Maylander. He really wanted Casque for his own purposes. She eventually follows him to his base and they fight a deadly duel.

As Kiani is slowly dying, Casque emerges and used his extraordinary powers to save her. He then reveals that he was in fact a Black, an underwater race living at the very bottom of the oceans. He leaves Kiani and rejoins his brethren, leaving her alone, robbed of her parental figure.


Loneliness is a major theme in Kiani''s life. She has been clinging onto Casque since her parents'' death (but later revealed that they''re alive). Without this figure, she often loses herself in sadness and anger, and has no one left to turn to, save her comrades Brande, Siphon, and Cannon.

Elite Blue

Issue 7 of Fathom: volume 2, reveals that Kiani is an Elite Blue. This means that she has not only the ability to live underwater, but the ability to manipulate water at her will. Her powers were most likely triggered by an electric shock given to her by one of the Tigersharks, Admiral Maylander''s elite force. It is unknown where Kiani''s new abilities will take her.

Her Family

In the Kiani series written by Vince Hernandez, it is revealed that her father is the main villain from Fathom Vol. 1, Killian and her mother is girlfriend of Killian, Anya. She also has a younger sister named Anika.

Feud and Allied with Aspen

Kiani met Fathom''s main character of the series, Aspen Matthews for the first time since Aspen''s encounter with another aquatic race called the Black. During the war against Maylander and his soldiers Kiani and Aspen work together to stop him from destroying the Blue. In Fathom Vol. 3, She and Aspen battle against each other for the first time after Kiani killed Cannon. Aspen defeats Kiani with her ultimate power that she used against Killian in Fathom Vol. 1. Kiani survived and she''s willing to go round 2 with Aspen again. In the Elite Saga series, Kiani and Aspen work together again to confront one of Killian''s former member of his group, Taras.

Artists of Kiani

Kiani''s character has been drawn by the different artists of Aspen. Although Michael Turner created Kiani, and her visual character was largely defined by then-Aspen artist Talent Caldwell. His portrayal of Kiani conveyed her rugged, dangerous, and sexy attitude. Many fans believe that Talent has been the best artist to date when it comes to handling Kiani. Another influential artist is Koi Turnbull, artist of Fathom volume 2. His portrayal of Kiani has been more graceful, and he conveys her personality very well.

Physical appearance

Kiani has bluish purple eyes and fair-toned skin. Her hair is bright red with platinum blonde highlights. Except when armored for dangerous combat, Kiani traditionally is seen wearing only her bikini with barrier reef adornments.

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