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ContentsEducational institutions
  • The Academy at Lincoln, a middle school in Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Lincoln Academy, a high school in Newcastle, Maine
  • Lincoln College (disambiguation)
  • Lincoln Elementary School (disambiguation)
  • Lincoln High School (disambiguation)
  • Lincoln Christ''s Hospital School, a secondary school in Lincoln, Lincolnshire
  • Lincoln School (disambiguation)
  • Lincoln University (disambiguation)
  • Old Lincoln High School (Tallahassee, Florida)
  • University of Lincoln, a university in Lincoln, United Kingdom
  • Lincoln (novel), a 1984 novel by Gore Vidal
  • Lincoln (album), a 1988 album by They Might Be Giants
  • Lincoln (band), an American nerd pop band of the late 1990s
  • Lincoln Records, a United States record label in the 1920s
  • Lincoln (variety show), a Japanese variety show
  • Lincoln (1988 film), a telefilm starring Sam Waterston
  • Lincoln (1992 film), a telefilm by Peter W. Kunhardt
  • Lincoln (2012 film), a film by Steven Spielberg
  • Carl Sandburg''s Lincoln, a miniseries starring Hal Holbrook
Places Argentina
  • Lincoln, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
  • Lincoln Partido, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
  • Port Lincoln, South Australia
  • Lincoln, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Lincoln, Ontario, Canada
  • Lincoln (electoral district), a former federal electoral district in Ontario, Canada
French Polynesia
  • Motu One (Marquesas Islands) or Lincoln, French Polynesia
New Zealand
  • Lincoln, New Zealand
United Kingdom
  • Lincoln, England, the City of Lincoln, Lincolnshire
  • Lincoln Green, England
  • Lincoln (UK Parliament constituency)
  • County of Lincoln, archaic name for county of Lincolnshire, England
United States
  • Lincoln, Alabama
  • Lincoln, Arkansas
  • Lincoln, California, in Placer County
  • Lincoln, Madera County, California
  • Lincoln, Delaware
  • Lincoln, Illinois
  • Lincoln, Indiana
  • Lincoln, Iowa
  • Lincoln, Kansas
  • Lincoln Parish, Louisiana
  • Lincoln, Maine
  • Lincoln Plantation, Maine
  • Lincoln, Massachusetts
  • Lincoln, Michigan
  • Lincoln, Missouri
  • Lincoln, Montana
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Lincoln, New Hampshire
  • Lincoln, New Mexico
  • Lincoln, New York
  • Lincoln, North Dakota
  • Lincoln, Pennsylvania
  • Lincoln, Rhode Island
  • Lincoln, Texas
  • Lincoln, Vermont
  • Lincoln, Virginia
  • Lincoln, Washington
  • Lincoln, West Virginia
  • Lincoln, Adams County, Wisconsin, a town
  • Lincoln, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, a town
  • Lincoln, Buffalo County, Wisconsin, a town
  • Lincoln, Burnett County, Wisconsin, a town
  • Lincoln, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, a town
  • Lincoln, Forest County, Wisconsin, a town
  • Lincoln, Kewaunee County, Wisconsin, a town
    • Lincoln (community), Wisconsin, an unincorporated community in the Kewaunee County town
  • Lincoln, Monroe County, Wisconsin, a town
  • Lincoln, Polk County, Wisconsin, a town
  • Lincoln, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, a town
  • Lincoln, Vilas County, Wisconsin, a town
  • Lincoln, Wood County, Wisconsin, a town
  • Clinton, California or Lincoln
  • Lincoln, Utah, a ghost town in Utah
Proposed states
  • Lincoln (proposed Northwestern state)
  • Lincoln (proposed Southern state)
Fictional places
  • Lincoln Island, a fictional island in Jules Verne''s The Mysterious Island
  • Lincoln tunnel
  • Lincoln Highway, the first road across America
  • Lincoln Highway (Australia), in southern Australia
  • HMS Lincoln, several Royal Navy warships
  • Avro Lincoln, an RAF bomber that first flew in 1943
  • Lincoln Motor Car Works, a company that produced cars sold exclusively by mail order by the Sears Roebuck Company from 1908 until 1912
  • Lincoln Motor Company, a luxury car brand of Ford Motor Company
  • USS Lincoln, two actual US Navy vessels and several other fictitious vessels have been named USS Lincoln.
Rail stations
  • Lincoln Central railway station, Lincoln, England
  • Lincoln St. Marks railway station, Lincoln, England
  • Lincoln, Illinois (Amtrak station)
  • Lincoln, Nebraska (Amtrak station)
  • Lincoln (MBTA station), Lincoln, Massachusetts
  • Lincoln (RTD), a transit station in Lone Tree, Colorado
Other uses
  • Lincoln (footballer), Brazilian football player
  • Lincoln (sheep)
  • Lincoln (grape), another name for the Catawba grape
  • Lincoln biscuit
  • Lincoln cent, U.S. coinage
  • Lincoln City F.C., an English football club
  • Lincoln green, a dyed woollen cloth
  • Lincoln International, an investment banking firm
  • Lincoln Logs
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Lincoln National Corporation, an insurance and asset management company
  • Lincoln–Lee Legion temperance organization
  • Lincoln Snacks Company
  • Lincoln Temple United Church of Christ, historic church located in Washington, D.C.

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