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فهرست عناوین و درجات ایرانی

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The following is a list of various titles associated with religion, politics, nobility, or the military, as used by various Iranian peoples and dynasties.

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    • 1.1 Median
      • 1.1.1 Military
    • 1.2 Achaemenid
      • 1.2.1 Military
      • 1.2.2 Political
      • 1.2.3 Religious
    • 1.3 Parthian
    • 1.4 Sassanid
      • 1.4.1 Military
      • 1.4.2 Political
      • 1.4.3 Religious
    • 1.5 Safavid
    • 1.6 Qajar
      • 1.6.1 Military
      • 1.6.2 Political
      • 1.6.3 Religious
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By dynasty Median
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MilitaryTaxmaspada (Spada) army Asabari literally meaning "horse bearers", cavalry Anuvaniya archers Rsika spearmen Pasti infantryAchaemenid
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MilitaryAnusiya companions, believed to be the word of which the Persian Immortals is derived Kara literally meaning "peoples army", designation applied to the early armies of Cyrus the Great Navpati/naupati Naval commander Sparabara Literally meaning shield (spara) bearerPoliticalKhshathrapāvā governor Databdara Administrator of the courts, literally meaning "law bearer", who may have been a combination of the modern-day judge, law officer, or constableReligiousSaoshyant Zoroastrian notion, similar to "Messiah"Parthian
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MilitaryVuzurg framadhār Great commander; managed the affairs of state Aspbad Commander of the Savaran Sardar Savaran Arzbad-e-Aspwaragan Chief instructor of the Savaran Spahbad Army general who could also be a military governor Marzoban Either the same role as a spahbad or strictly an army general Padgospan Assistant of the spahbad Padan Spahbad''s officers Framandar Battle field commanders Paygospanan Provincial military commanders Arteshtaran-Salar (Achaemenid term) Chief of Warriors, a term reserved for warriors displaying great bravery in battlePoliticalEran-Spahbad Minister of Defense and commander in chief of the army Andarzbad counsel to the king Kanarange (Eastern Iranian term) The title given to a marzban of Central Asia Istandar leader of an istan (a province or district area within a province) Argbadh highest military title and was held by royal family members Rasnan A less defined title Artabid Title for Azadan families who were entrusted with specific duties, such as crowning each new monarch Karrogbadh Chief of imperial workers; a rather unimportant position mostly delegated to Christians, especially during the reign of Khosrau II. Vastrioshan Salar Minister of agriculture, commerce and industries. Vuzurgan Grand nobles, who would be present at coronation ceremoniesReligiousHirbad or Hirbod, Protector and caretaker of fire temple, Zoroastrian judge and arbiter. Mogh Zoroastrian Magi (plural: Moghan) Mobad High-ranking Priest (moghpati, moghbadh; plural: Mobadan) Mobadan Mobad Chief of the clergySafavid
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Dah-bashi Commander of 10 soldiers (lit. head of 10) Yuz-bashi Commander of 100 soldiers Amir Tuman Commander of 1000 soldiersQajar
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PoliticalMalekeh Queen Malekeh Jahaan World Queen, title shared by Nasser-ed-Din Shah''s mother and Mohammad ''Ali Shah''s wife. Mahd-e-Oliaa "Queen Mother" (Lit. Mahd = hearth or cradle; Olia'' = most high; thus = "most high hearth or cradle" or "most high life giving place" ; i.e., place from whence one is born, and thus more elegantly translated as "Sublime Cradle." Hence the title bearer is the mother of the next Shah), associated with some Qajar (Kadjar) queens, especially Fath Ali Shah''s mother and Nasser-ed-Din Shah''s mother. A''laa Hazrat "Your Most High Majesty" in reference to the king. Appellation of Persian/Iranian kings. Oliaa'' Hazrat Literally meaning "Your Most High Majesty" in reference to the Queen. Title specifically created for Malekeh Jahan. Khan Leader, usually of a tribe Shaazdeh Prince, used specifically to refer to Qajar princesReligious
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By people Scythians
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KurdsPeshmerga the term used by Kurds to refer to armed Kurdish fighters.Shah titlesShah King Shahanshah King of Kings Padishah Great King Shahzadeh Prince (lit. "born of a king" i.e., "of kingly birth or parentage") Arranshah King of Arran Layzanshah King of Layzan Shirvanshah King of Shirvan (see also: Shirvanshahs)

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