List of synagogues in Iran

فهرست کنیسه های ایران

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List of active synagogues in Iran


  • Abdullah Zadeh Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Abrishami Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Aziz Khan Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Bagh Saba Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Danial Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Darvazeh Dolat Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Ettefagh Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Ettehad Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Ezra Yaghoub Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Fakhrabad Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Gisha Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Gorgan Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Haim Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Hakim Asher Synagogue (Tehran)
  • HaRambam Synagogue (Rambam Synagogue) (Tehran)
  • Fakhrabad Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Kohan Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Kourosh Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Khorasaniha Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Levian Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Mahariv Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Molla Hanina Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Nosrat Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Orsharga Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Pol-e-Choobi Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Rafi Nia Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Rah-e Danesh Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Seid Khandan Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Synagogue of Gisha (Tehran)
  • Tafian (Hakim)(pesyan) Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Tarasht Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Yusef Abad Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Yousefzadeh Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Zargarian Synagogue (Tehran)
  • Kenisa-ye Kohanim (Shiraz)
  • Kenisa-ye Molla (Shiraz)
  • Kenisa-ye Molla Mishi (Shiraz)
  • Kenisa-ye Molla Owram (Shiraz)
  • Kenisa-ye Rabbizadeh (Shiraz)
  • Kenisa-ye Shokr (Shiraz)
  • Khorassaniha Synagogue (Shiraz)
  • Kenisa-ye Bozorg (Shiraz)
  • Kenisa-ye Bozorg (Mirakhor''s kenisa) (Isfahan)
  • Kenisa-ye Molla Rabbi (Isfahan)
  • Kenisa-ye Sang-bast (Isfahan)
  • Mullah Jacob Synagogue (Isfahan)
  • Mullah Neissan Synagogue (Isfahan)
  • Kenisa-ye Keter David (Isfahan)
  • Kenisa-ye Kamal (Yazd)
  • Molla Agha Baba Synagogue (Yazd)
  • Mizan Synagogue (Yazd)
  • Hadash Synagogue(Yazd)
  • Hakham Synagogue(Yazd)
  • Eliahu Hanavi Synagogue(Yazd)
  • Eli Synagogue(Yazd)
  • Molla Shlomo Synagogue(Yazd)
  • Kenisa-ye Bozorg (Sanandaj)
  • Kenisa-ye Koochik (Sanandaj)
  • Kenisa-ye Ghadim (Rafsanjan)
  • New Synagogue (Rafsanjan)
  • Kerman Synagogue (Kerman)
  • Kooti Synagogue (Bushehr)
  • Kenisa-ye Bozorg (Hamadan)
  • Kenisa-ye Koochik (Tabriz)
  • Daneshgah-e-Kalimi (Urmia)

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