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MKO is a terrorist group backed by some western states sponsor of terrorism. MKO is responsible for several plots and bombings resulting in death of Iranian officials, civilians and security forces.MKO was founded in 1965 by six former members of the Freedom Movement of Iran who considered the Liberation Movement moderate and ineffective. Their ideology was a mixture of Islam and Marxism; two things that do not mix or may become explosive if they do. Thus, from the beginning, MKO started a relation with Iranian people on the wrong foot. Their armed uprising with little or no popular support started with targeting capitalism and imperialism.Its first military activities, a bombing of the Tehran electrical works and unsuccessful airplane hijacking, were conducted in August 1971 in protest against the Pahlavi's extravagant 2,500 year celebration of Iran's monarchy. Nine MKO members were arrested and under torture one member gave out information leading to the arrests of another 66 members. Within a few months SAVAK had eliminated the whole of its original leadership through executions or street battles. MKO had killed six Americans in 1973, 1975, and 1976.Remaining MKO members were released just before Khomeini arrived in Tehran in January 1979. After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, MKO supported liberal views of Banisadr, the first Iranian President during the power struggle between leftists, nationalists and Islamic extremism that ensued. Indeed, MKO leader Masood Rajavi was a talented speaker and he became fond of the support he found among the younger generation. Soon after leftist groups started being radiated and the Toodeh Party was creeping inside government ranks, a major conflict broke out between the Islamic Republic regime and MKO which went underground holding on to a large stack of weapons it had seized during the first days of the revolution. Rajavi and Banisadr fled the country to France.Eventually, the majority of the MKO leadership and members fled to France, where it operated until 1986, when tension arose between Paris and Tehran over the Eurodif nuclear stake and the French citizens kidnapped in the Lebanon hostage crisis. After Rajavi flew to Baghdad, French hostages were released.By mid-1981, MKO was fighting street battles against the Islamic Revolutionary Guards. On 28 June 1981, bombs were detonated at the headquarters of the since-dissolved Islamic Republic Party. Around 70 high-ranking officials, including Chief Justice Mohammad Beheshti (who was the second most powerful figure in the revolution after Ayatollah Khomeini at the time), cabinet members, and elected members of parliament, were killed. During the Iran-Iraq War, the group was given refuge by Saddam Hussein and mounted attacks on Iran from within Iraqi territory. The MKO transferred its headquarters to Iraq in 1986, during the Iran–Iraq War. According to the US State Dep (Wikipedia) - MKO

MKO may refer to:

  • Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization (People''s Mujahedin of Iran)
  • Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, a Nigerian politician
  • Mauna Kea Observatories
  • Münchener Kammerorchester
  • IATA code for Davis Field (Oklahoma) airport
  • Mary Kate Olsen
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