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The Marmar or Marble Palace (Kakh-e-Marmar) is located at the intersection of the Sepah (Imam Khomeini) and the Pahlavi (Valiasr) street. It was built during Reza Shah's reign by famous architect of the time headed by Leon Tadosian. The dome of the Marmar Palace is a copy of the dome of Safavid era Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan whose tileworks were done by Master Hossein Lorzadeh.Completed in 1937, the Marmar Palace which was built over a 35643 m2 land in with an infrastructure of 2870 m2. Reza Shah used it as his residence and office and the jewelry from the Golestan Palace was kept here for some time.The wedding ceremony of Reza Shah’s son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi with Queen Fouziyeh of Egypt took place here and so did his engagement with Farah Diba.The building was turned into a museum in 1977 but it was shut down after the Iranian Revolution of 1979. The Majma (Expediency Discernment Council of the Regime) used it for some time until unrecoverable damage was reported in the historical building, after which it was called the Qods building. (Wikipedia) - Al Majma''ah   (Redirected from Majma)
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Al Majma''ah المجمعة Country Emirate Time zone
Historic place in Al Majma''ah
Al Majma''ah
Coordinates: 25°54′14″N 45°20′44″E / 25.90389°N 45.34556°E / 25.90389; 45.34556Coordinates: 25°54′14″N 45°20′44″E / 25.90389°N 45.34556°E / 25.90389; 45.34556
 Saudi Arabia
Ar Riyad Province

Al Majma''ah (Arabic: المجمعة‎) is a city and a governorate in Ar Riyad Province, Saudi Arabia. It is located at around 25°54′14″N 45°20′44″E / 25.90389°N 45.34556°E / 25.90389; 45.34556, and has an area of 30 000 square kilometers. The population of the town is around 45,000, while the population of the governorate as a whole is approximately 97,349. Al-Majma''ah Governorate borders the Eastern Province and Al-Qasim to the north, Thadig and Shaqra to the south, Rumah to the east, and Zulfi and al-Ghat on the west.

Founded in 1417 CE by an immigrant from the Shammar tribe, Al-Majma''ah was historically considered the capital of the region of Sudair. The city today contains a museum as well as an impressive mud-brick fort that dates to the 18th century.

Al Majma''ah
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