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(Wikipedia) - Malayer For the administrative subdivision, see Malayer County. Malayer ملاير Country Province County Bakhsh Population (2006)  • Total Time zone  • Summer (DST)
Coordinates: 34°17′49″N 48°49′25″E / 34.29694°N 48.82361°E / 34.29694; 48.82361Coordinates: 34°17′49″N 48°49′25″E / 34.29694°N 48.82361°E / 34.29694; 48.82361
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Malayer (Persian: ملاير‎) is a city in and capital of Malayer County, Hamadan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 153,748, in 40,750 families.

The second largest city of the province, Malayer has a reputation for rug weaving and has some popular parks. Malayer is located between Hamedan.

A mosque in Malayer.seyfieh park of Malayer.

One of the notable aspects of the city in the 1960s was a series of beautifully decorated horse and buggies. Any day of the week about twenty-five such horse and carriages were mostly parked in the town center with ready drivers to serve visitors and the locals. The most popular destination for carriages was the City Park, called "Park-e Malyer". "Park-e Malayer" was another City trademark well known in the Hamedan province. The park, situated a couple of miles outside the City, contained a number of small lakes, lush vegetation, colorful ducks and many trees and shrubbery. Hamedan province is situated in a semi arid region. Thus "Park e Malayer" with its natural beauty and lush vegetation was a serene, inviting environment in the region. During hot summers many people would spend some time in Malayer to enjoy the "Horse and Buggy" ride and rest at the park. People in Malayer speak Malayeri dialectic which is related to Persian language.

"Park-e Malayer" has been named from tens years ago "Park e Seifieh" that refers to the name of a Ghajar prince(Seyfodoleh) who built the park around 75 years ago. He buried at a family tomb located near to the park.He is the head of Azodi''s (The most well-known family) in Malayer.

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