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born April 14, 216, southern Babylonia Persian founder of Manichaeism. (Wikipedia) - Mani
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Mani may refer to:

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  • Mani (name), a given name and surname (including a list of people with the name)
    • Mani (prophet) (c. 216 – 274), Iranian prophet
    • Mani (bass guitarist) (born 1962), English rock musician
  • Mani people, a Negrito ethnic group from Thailand
  • Maní, Casanare a town and municipality in Casanare Department, Colombia
  • Mani, Chad, a town and sub-prefecture in Chad
  • Mani, Evros, a village in northeastern Greece
  • Mani, Karnataka, a village in Dakshina Kannada district of India
  • Mani, Iran, a village in Kerman Province, Iran
  • Mani, Nigeria, a town in Katsina State, Nigeria
  • Mani, Tibet, a village in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China
  • Maní, Yucatán, a small city in Yucatán, Mexico
  • Mani Peninsula, a geographical and cultural region in Greece
  • El Mani, a community on the island of Puerto Rico
Other uses
  • Maní (Amazonian legend), a legend of the indigenous tribe Tupi in Brazil
  • Máni, a personification of the moon in Norse mythology
  • Mâni, a form of Turkish folk song
  • Mani (film), a 2003 Kannada film
  • Mani: Travels in the Southern Peloponnese, a travelogue about the Greek peninsula by Patrick Leigh Fermor
  • Mani stick fighting, an African derived martial art from Cuba
  • Mani the parakeet, a Rose-ringed Parakeet that serves as an astrologer ''assistant'' to M. Muniyappan in Singapore
  • Mannosyl-oligosaccharide 1,2-alpha-mannosidase, an enzyme
  • Mani, short for the mantra of Avalokiteśvara, Om mani padme hum

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