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Marshall may refer to:

  • "Marshall", a British/Commonwealth spelling for the military rank of marshal
  • Marshall (name)
  • Marshall Aerospace, an aerospace contractor based in Cambridge, England (Part of the Marshall Group)
  • Marshall Amplification, a brand of guitar amplifier
  • Marshall Bus, an English bus manufacturer
  • Marshall Cavendish, a subsidiary of Times Publishing Group, publisher of books, directories, magazines and partworks
  • Marshalling (computer science), transforming data from an in-memory representation to objects, such as with XML transformation
  • Aircraft marshalling, the visual signalling between ground personnel and pilots.
  • Marshall Plan (also known as "European Recovery Program"), United States plan (named for Secretary of State George Marshall) for rebuilding the allied countries of Europe and repelling communism after World War II
    • Marshall Scholarship, awarded to graduating American undergraduates by the British government, in commemoration of the Marshall Plan
  • Marshall Pottery, the largest producer of red-clay pottery in the United States
  • Marshall School of Business, the business school at the University of Southern California
  • Marshall, Sons & Co. of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, manufacturers of steam traction engines and the Field Marshall range of tractors
  • Marshall University, a university in Huntington, West Virginia
    • Marshall Thundering Herd, this school''s intercollegiate athletic program
    • We Are Marshall, a 2006 movie about the aftermath of the 1970 plane crash that killed most of the Marshall University football team and coaching staff
  • USS Marshall (DD-676), a United States Navy destroyer in commission from 1943 to 1969
  • USS Hunter Marshall (DE-602), a United States Navy destroyer escort converted during construction into the high-speed transport USS Hunter Marshall (APD-112)
  • USS Hunter Marshall (APD-112), a United States Navy high-speed transport in commission from 1945 to 1946
  • "Marshall", the original name of the Merril Bainbridge song "Under the Water" as performed by Tlot Tlot
Place names

In the United States of America:

  • Marshall, Alaska
  • Marshall, Arkansas
  • Marshall, California
  • Marshall, former name of Lotus, California
  • Marshall Pass, a mountain pass in Colorado
  • Marshall, Illinois
  • Marshall, Indiana
  • Marshall, Michigan
  • Marshall, Minnesota
  • Marshall, Missouri
  • Marshall, Oklahoma
  • Marshall, New York
  • Marshall, North Carolina
  • Marshall, North Dakota
  • Marshall, Texas, the largest US city named Marshall
  • Marshall, Virginia
  • Marshall, Wisconsin
    • Marshall, Dane County, Wisconsin
    • Marshall, Richland County, Wisconsin
    • Marshall, Rusk County, Wisconsin

In other countries:

  • Marshall, Victoria, a suburb of Geelong, Victoria, Australia
  • Marshall, Saskatchewan

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