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Marv is an ancient city in Central Asia. It is located south of the Karakum desert and 150km north of Sarakhs. Lying near the modern town of Mary in Turkmenistan, it is mentioned in ancient Persian texts as Mouru and in cuneiform inscriptions as Margu and was the seat of a Satrapy of the Persian Achaemenid Empire. Marv was a cultural center in Iran. The greater Marv has been called Margiana in ancient empires.Under the Arabs in the 7th century AD, it was rebuilt and served as a base for Muslim expansion into Central Asia. A great centre of Islamic learning under the Caliphs of the Abbasi dynasty, it reached its zenith under the Seljuk Sultan Sanjar (r. 1118-59). It was destroyed by the Mongols in 1221 then rebuilt in the 17th century. It was occupied by the Russian Empire in 1884. (Wikipedia) - Marv

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  • Merv, a historic Persian city in Central Asia
  • Maru, Iran (disambiguation)
  • MARV, a maneuverable reentry vehicle, a type of missile warhead
  • M.A.R.V., otherwise known as the Mammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle, a fictional tank from Command & Conquer 3: Kane''s Wrath
  • MARV, a financial services company based in New York focusing on structured products
  • Marv, a G Casino Thanet abbreviation of the word "marvellous", used with cynicism and in a sarcastic tone to reflect a negative sense of feeling, after a bad beat in a poker hand, for instance
  • Marv Films, the name of Matthew Vaughn''s UK based production company
  • MARV, a financial services company based in New York focusing on structured products
  • Marv Goldberg, writer and music historian in the field of rhythm & blues (R&B)
  • Marvin Heemeyer, muffler shop owner who attacked a Colorado town with a bulldozer
  • Marv Newland, filmmaker who specializes in animation
  • Marv Wolfman, American comic book writer
Sports figures
  • Marv Albert, television and radio sportscaster
  • Marv Harshman, former college men''s basketball coach
  • Marv Levy, General Manager and Vice President of Football Operations for the Buffalo Bills
  • Marvin Rotblatt, former left-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball for the Chicago White Sox
  • Marv Throneberry, American Major League Baseball player
Fictional people
  • Marv, an antagonist in the Home Alone franchise
  • Dr. Kio Marv (VRAM 01k, reversed) a fictional Czech scientist in the game Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
  • Marv (Sin City), a fictional character from the graphic novel series Sin City
Similar names
  • Marvé Beach, a beach located in the Western Suburb of Malad in the city of Mumbai, India
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