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Weed! -- Dave Matthews Girl -- Steve Guerrieri -- The Decking Crew | U *NSUCK -- Choreographer ( Lead ) -- Smurf Productions -- Directed by Elizabeth Murphy | Stuck -- Emily ( Lead ) -- Head Productions -- Directed by Lauren Rankin; falling is like this -- Antagonist ( Supporting ) -- Sordid Storm Productions -- Directed by Mary Pascoe | The Art Collectors -- French Kidnapper ( Supporting ) -- USC Student Film, Cinematography Exercise -- Frumpy Secretary ( Lead ) -- UCLA Student Film -- Directed by Jenn Gittings; Television credits include: Red Menace -- Pepper ( Principal ) -- David Watkins -- HBO ( Pilot ), Miss/Guided -- Goth Teenager ( Featured ) -- ABC, Reno 911! -- Hooker ( Featured ) -- Comedy Central, Passions -- Goth Club Girl (Featured) -- NBC, Celebrity Rap Superstar -- Model ( Featured ) -- MTV, P. Diddy's Starmaker -- Model ( Featured ) -- MTV; Theatre credits include: You're Going to Die -- The Girl / Dancer ( Lead ) -- Directed by Marnie Olson, Crack Whore, Bulimic, Girl Next Door -- Sexy Woman (Lead) -- Directed by Caroline Marshall, The Flies -- Zeus ( Lead ) -- Directed by Claire Shinkman, Uncommon Women and Others -- Carter ( Supporting ) -- Directed by Erika Reinfeld, Suddenly Last Summer -- Catharine Holly (Lead) -- Directed by Chris Valeo, Oliver! The Musical -- Oliver (Lead) -- Directed by Robin Nott, Six Who Pass While the Lentils Boil -- Rose ( Lead -- Originally Boy ) -- Directed by Robin Nott, Who Am I This Time? -- Susanne ( Lead ) -- Directed by Kevin Wilson, The Miser -- Claudia ( Supporting ); Radio credits include: WZLY 91.5 FM in Wellesley, MA -- Spinning Free ( musical show host ), WZLY 91.5 FM in Wellesley, MA -- WZLY News ( newscaster - hard news ), WZLY 91.5 FM in Wellesley , MA -- The Noise that Keeps Me Awake (musical show host), WZLY 91.5 M in Wellesley, MA -- Lauren and Mary's Wacky Entertainment News ( newscaster - entertainment division ), WKZO 590 AM in Kalamazoo, MI -- Guest News Anchor; Spokesmodel credits include: Stoli Vodka, Malibu Rum, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Brahma Beer, AXE Deodorant Body Spray, Tylenol at the Summer X Games, Borghese Cosmetics, Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, Dove Body Lotion, Nivea Body Lotion, Lean Cuisine Spa Meals. See IMDb Resume for more information! - Official Bio: Mary Pascoe is a singer/songwriter and SAG / AFTRA actress born October 17, 1982 in Battle Creek, Michigan. In 2006, Pascoe released her debut indie album,

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