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Mehran Modiri (1967-04-07) April 7, 1967 (age 47) Tehran, Iran
Actor, television director, comedian, musician
Farhad Modiri , Shahrzad Modiri

Mehran Modiri (Persian: مهران مدیری ‎, born April 7, 1967) is a prolific Iranian actor, television director, comedian and musician. His artistic career began in his teenage years as he was acting in local plays. He then entered the world of radio and television in the early 1990s, actively writing scripts for and participating in various comedy skits during the annual Norooz comedy television shows broadcast by the IRIB.

He continued appearing in television comedies, however, he achieved real stardom with his creation of Pavarchin (Tiptoeing), in which he won numerous awards for directing and starring in the picture. He tasted success again when he directed and starred in Noghtechin (Ellipsis), and Jayezeye Bozorg (The Grand Prize), which became major hits on television in Iran.

Afterwards, he followed Pavarchin''s storyline with the making of Shabhaye Barareh which became his most popular television program yet; the show remained incomplete after it was criticized for offending rural people, which resulted in an abrupt end to the show after 92 episodes, without completely explaining the Barareh history.

He has starred in two full length films, and had planned on entering the film industry once again after Shabhaye Barareh was completed. However, he instead started working on his next project, television series Baghe Mozaffar.

Modiri also released a music album and performed in a number of concerts. He is also a veteran of the Iran–Iraq War. He is married and has two children.

In 2009 Modiri was named by Newsweek as one of the 20 people who dominate power and public discourse in Iran.

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Mehran Modiri has acted in various TV series. Most of the popularity and fame he has garnered among the people of Iran emanates from his participation in these programs.

  • TV Series
Year Name Translation ( in English ) Director Modiri''s Part
1992 Moshtha-ye Kuchak The Little Fists Soraya Ghasemi Actor
Hekayat-ha Tales Mojtaba Yassini Actor
Pand-ha va Andarz-ha Advices and Admonitions Mojtaba Yassini Actor
1993 Norooz-e 72 Norooz of 72 Dariush Kardan Actor
Bagh-e Gilas Cherry Orchard Majid Beheshti Actor
Parvaz-e 57 The Flight 57 Mehran Modiri Actor & Director
1994 Saat-e Khosh Happy Hour Mehran Modiri Actor & Director
1995 Sal-e Khosh Happy Year Mehran Modiri Actor & Director
1997 Norooz-e 76 Norooz of 76 ( Channel 1 (Iran) ) Mehran Modiri Actor & Director
Norooz-e 76 Norooz of 76 ( Channel 2 (Iran) ) Mehran Modiri Actor & Director
1998 Jong-e 77 Corpus of 77 Mehran Modiri Actor & Director
1999 Bebakhshid Shoma Excuse me, who are you? Mehran Modiri Host and Director
Pelak-e 14 Number 14 Mehran Modiri Actor & Director
2000 90 Shab 90 Nights Mehran Modiri Actor & Director
2001 Tanz-e 80 Sitcom 80 Mehran Modiri Host & Director
2002 Dardesar-e Valedein Parents'' Troubles Masoud Navvabi Actor
Pavarchin Tiptoe Mehran Modiri Actor & Director
2004 Noghteh-chin Dots Mehran Modiri Actor & Director & Costume Designer
2005 Jayezeh-ye Bozorg The Grand Prize Mehran Modiri Actor & Director
2005-2006 Shabha-ye Barareh The Nights Of Barareh Mehran Modiri Director & Actor
2007 Bagh-e Mozaffar Mozaffar''s Garden Mehran Modiri Director & Actor
2008 Mard-e Hezar Chehreh Man of a Thousand Faces Mehran Modiri Director & Actor
2009 Mard-e Do Hezar Chehreh Man of Two Thousand Faces Mehran Modiri Director & Actor
  • Home Network Entertainment
2007 Ganj-e Mozaffar Mozaffar''s Treasure Mehran Modiri Director & Actor
2010 Ghahve-ye Talkh The Bitter Coffee Mehran Modiri Director & Actor
2012 Ghalbe Yakhi 3 Frozen Heart (Season 3) Saman Moghadam Actor
2012 Villa-ye Man My Mansion Mehran Modiri Producer & Director & Actor & Costume Designer
2013 Shookhi Kardam Just Kidding Mehran Modiri Producer & Director & Actor
  • Movies
Year Name Translation in English Director
1994 Didar Visit Mohammad Reza Honarmand
2002 Tokyo Bedoon-e Tavaqqof Tokyo Non-Stop Saeed Alamzadeh
2007 Ganj-e Mozaffar (A 10 episode CD release) Mozaffar''s Treasure Mehran Modiri
2008 Dayere Zangi The Tambourine (Satellite Dish) Parisa Bakhtavar
2008 Hamishe Paye Yek Zan Dar Miyan Ast There Is Always a Woman In Between Kamal Tabrizi
2012 Pole Choobi Wooden Bridge Mehdi Karampour
Acting in Theater

Before acting in TV series and films, Mehran Modiri had performed in the theater.

Year Name of Play Director
1974 Khargoosh Hamid Alami
1977 Shookhi Sadra Rasouli
1979 Telegraph Mehdi Sharifi
1983 Palang-e Nadan Behrooz Salimi
1985 Yek Tanz va Yek Gham-ava Behrooz Salimi
1988 Arsenal Mohsen Haji Youssefi
1989 Pansion Mohsen Haji Youssefi
1990 Simorgh Ghotboddin Sadeqi
1991 Hamlet Ghotboddin Sadeqi
1992 Kisseh Box


  • 1999 : Deltangi-ha - Declamation of Hatef Alimardani ''s Poems.
  • 2000 : Az Roo-ye Sadegi - Composed By : Babak Bayat and Fardin Khalatbari
  • 2003 : Ahang-e Film-e Hamnafas - Composed By: Fardin Khalatbari
  • 2004 : Ahang-e film-e Shabhaye barareh
  • 2005 : Ahang-e film-e Baghe mozaffar
  • 2010: Ahang-e serial-e Ghahveye Talkh - Two tracks, produced by Farhad Modiri
  • Nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Fajr Film Festival for Hamishe paye yek zan dar mian ast (2007)

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