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Mehrdad Definition

Name of several Parthian kings. The root of the word Mehr means sun, kindness, and the 7th Persian month. (Wikipedia) - Mehrdad Mehrdad Gender Origin Word/name Region of origin Other names Related names
Iran (Persia)
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For other uses, see Mithridates (disambiguation).

Mehrdad (Persian: مهرداد‎;   (help·info)) is an Persian (Iranian) male given name.

''Mehrdad'' derives from Middle Persian Mihrdat, a theophoric name meaning "Given by Mehr." ''Mehr'' in turn derives from Avestan Mithra, the Zoroastrian divinity and hypostasis of covenant.

In present-day Iran, the name Mehrdad is also retroactively applied to several historic figures that appear in western literature as Mithridates, a hellenized or philhellenic form of the Old Iranian name.

People named Mehrdad
  • Mehrdad Bahar, historian
  • Mehrdad Izady, academic, writer and historian
  • Mehrdad Karimian, footballer
  • Mehrdad Minavand, footballer
  • Mehrdad Nikoonahad, engineer
  • Mehrdad Oladi, footballer
  • Mehrdad Pooladi, footballer
  • Takaloo or Mehrdad Takaloo, boxer

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