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Mercury or The Mercury may refer to:

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Common meanings
  • Mercury (element), a metallic chemical element
  • Mercury (planet), the planet closest to the Sun
  • Mercury (mythology), a Roman god
  • Mercury Bay, on the North Island of New Zealand
  • Mercury Islands, a group of islands off the northeast coast of New Zealand
  • Mercury, Nevada, a closed city within the Nevada Test Site, United States
  • Mercury, Savoie, a commune in southeastern France
In the military
  • Operation Mercury, codename for the German invasion of Crete during World War II
  • HMS Mercury, the name of several ships of the Royal Navy
  • USS Mercury, the name of several ships of the United States Navy
  • Boeing E-6 Mercury, an American airborne command post and communications relay introduced in 1989
  • Miles Mercury, a British aircraft designed during the Second World War
  • Mercury (automobile), a marque of automobile produced by the Ford Motor Company (1938–2011)
  • Mercury (cyclecar), an American cyclecar from 1914
  • Mercury (train), a family of New York Central streamliner passenger trains (1936–1958)
  • Blackburn Mercury, British aircraft from 1911
  • Bristol Mercury, a 9-cylinder aircraft engine
  • Russian brig Mercury, Russian warship
  • Mercury, Shuttle America''s callsign
  • Mercury Marine, a major manufacturer of marine engines, particularly outboard motors
In entertainment Music
  • Mercury Records, a record label
  • Freddie Mercury, the frontman for the rock group Queen
  • Daniela Mercury, Brazilian singer, songwriter and record producer
  • Mercury (Longview album)
  • Mercury (American Music Club album)
  • Mercury (Madder Mortem album)
  • "Mercury" (song), a 2008 song by Bloc Party
  • "Mercury", a song by Kathleen Edwards from Failer
  • "Mercury", a song by Counting Crows from Recovering the Satellites
  • "Mercury, the Winged Messenger", a movement in Gustav Holst''s The Planets
  • Mercury Prize, an annual music prize awarded for the best album from the United Kingdom
  • Mercury (Marvel Comics), a Marvel Comics character who can turn herself into a mercurial substance
  • Mercury (Amalgam Comics), a combination of the characters Impulse and Quicksilver
  • Makkari (comics) or Mercury, an Eternal
  • Mercury, a member of the Metal Men, a DC comics team
  • Mercury, a member of Cerebro''s X-Men
  • Mercury (TV series), an Australian TV series launched in 1996
  • Mercury (novel), a 2005 novel by Ben Bova
  • Sailor Mercury, a character in the Sailor Moon franchise
  • Archer Maclean''s Mercury, the first in a series of games developed and/or published by Ignition Entertainment
  • Project Mercury, the first human spaceflight program of the United States
  • Mercury (satellite), a series of three American satellites
  • Mercury (cipher machine), a British cipher machine used from the 1950s
  • Mercury Interactive, software testing tools vendor
  • Mercury (programming language), a functional/logical programming language based on Prolog
  • Mercury OS, a real-time operating system for embedded systems
  • Ferranti Mercury, an early 1950s commercial computer
  • Mercury Autocode, a programming language for the Ferranti Mercury computer
  • Mercury Mail Transport System, a standards-compliant donationware mail server
  • Edmonton Mercurys, a 1940s and 50s intermediate ice hockey team from Canada
  • Phoenix Mercury, a Women''s National Basketball Association team from Arizona, United States
  • Toledo Mercurys, a defunct International Hockey League franchise from Ohio, United States
  • Mercury (magazine), an astronomy magazine
  • Mercury (newspaper), a list
Radio stations
  • 102.7 Mercury FM, a radio station in Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Mercury 96.6, a radio station in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
In business
  • Mercury Communications, a British telecommunications firm set up in the 1980s
  • Mercury Insurance Group, an American automobile and property insurance company
  • The Mercury Mall, a shopping centre in Romford, England
  • The Mercury Award, an international airline award for in-flight catering
Other uses
  • Mercury (name), a given name and surname
  • Mercury dime, a United States coin minted from 1916 through 1945
  • Mercury (plant), members of the plant genus Mercurialis
  • Mercury Boulevard, a road in Virginia, United States
  • Mercury Fountain, a fountain in Tom Quad, Christ Church College, Oxford, England

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