Ministry of Roads and Transportation (Iran)

وزارت راه و ترابری

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Ministry of Roads and Transportation (Iran) Definition

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وزارت راه و ترابری
9 September 1877
27 June 2011
Ministry of Transportation and Housing
Islamic Republic of Iran
Tehran, Iran
Official Website
The building of Ministry of Road and Transportation in TehranIran
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Ministry of Roads and Transportation of Iran (Persian: وزارت راه و ترابری‎), was the main organ of Iranian Government responsible for administration of roadway, railway, airway and seaway transport inside the country and transport connections between Iran and other countries. Currently its Acting minister is Ali Nikzad. In June 2011, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and the Ministry of Roads and Transportation were merged into the Ministry of Transportation and Housing.

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It was originally founded in 1877 under the "Ministry of Public Benefits" at the time of Naseredin Shah. The ministry was responsible for roads and bridge construction as well as their maintenance. After the formation of "General Bureau of Roads" in 1922, it was renamed as "Ministry of Ways" by a Parliamentary law in 1929. Later in 1936 Parliament passed a law to call it as "Ministry of Roads", and again on July 6, 1974 It was renamed as "Ministry of Roads and Transportation". It was dissolved in 27 June 2011 after it was marged with Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.


The ministry consists of five deputies as:

  • Deputy for Development of Management Resources
  • Deputy for Parliamentary Affairs & Provinces Coordination
  • Deputy for Education, Research & Technology
  • Deputy for Planning & Transport Economy
  • Deputy for Construction & Maintenance of Rural Roads

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