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میرزا قاسمی

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Iranian Cuisine: Mirza Ghasemi is an ensemble of baked eggplant, garlic, tomatoes, eggs, and traditional spices. (Wikipedia) - Mirza-Qasemi   (Redirected from Mirza Ghasemi)
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Mirza-Qasemi Course Place of origin Region or state Main ingredients Variations
Hors d''oeuvre
Northern Iran (Gilan)
Aubergine (Eggplant), garlic, tomato, turmeric, oil or butter, salt, pepper, eggs
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Mirza-Qasemi or Mirza-Ghasemi (Persian: میرزاقاسمی, Mirzā-Ghāsemi) is a Northern Iranian ( originally from Gilan province) appetizer or main based on Tandoori or kabobed aubergine, distinct to the Caspian Sea region. The dish is a mixture of aubergines seasoned (Eggplant) with garlic, tomato, turmeric, oil or butter, salt and pepper bound together with eggs. It is usually served with bread or rice.

The variant made with zucchini instead of aubergine is called Kadoo-Qasemi.

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