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Updated:Tuesday 14th October 2014

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Tehran, Iran
Prepaid and postpaid mobile phones

Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI) (Persian: شرکت ارتباطات سیار ایران‎) also known under its brand name Hamrah-e-Avval (Persian: همراه اول‎ The First Operator) is Iran''s first and largest mobile phone network operator. MCI is a subsidiary of the Telecommunication Company of Iran and it has over 16 million postpaid and over 18 million prepaid subscribers. Hamrah-e-Avval''s service is available in 1,078 cities and over 38,000 kilometers of highway in Iran. It provides roaming services via 256 partner operators in 109 countries. In 2010, 5.5% of the MCI shares were offered on the Iranian over-the-counter market (Farabourse), at a value of $396 million. This was the largest IPO-to-date in the Iranian OTC equity market.

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