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Moein Definition

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Moein is a surname or given name, and may refer to:

  • 1 Surname
  • 2 Given name
  • 3 Book
  • 4 See also

  • Mohammad Moein, an Iranian scholar of Persian literature and Iranology, author of the Moin Dictionary
  • Ali Moein, Pakistani dramatist and lyricist
  • Mostafa Moein, was a minister in Iran
  • Moein (singer), Persian singer
Given name
  • Moein U Ahmed, Chief of Army Staff of the Bangladesh Army
  • Moein Akhtar, Pakistani actor and comedian
  • Moein Ali, English cricketer
  • Moein Faruqi, Pakistani writer
  • Moeinuddin Ahmad Qureshi, Pakistani economist and politician
  • Moein encyclopedia, second great Persian encyclopedia

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