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Mohammad-Reza (Persian: محمدرضا‎, also spelled as Mohammad Reza, or Mohammadreza) is a popular male given name in Iran. Mohammad and Reza are both Arabic names which are popular in the whole Muslim world. However, the usage of the compound given name Mohammad-Reza is mostly popular in the modern Iran (mostly among those who are born after 1926, when Reza Shah was crowned and his son, Mohammad-Reza, became the crown prince).

  • Mohammad-Reza Shah, the last Shah of Iran
  • Mohammad-Reza Adelkhani
  • Mohammad-Reza Amin
  • Mohammad-Reza Aref
  • Mohammad-Reza Bahonar
  • Mohammad-Reza Bateni
  • Mohammad Reza Eskandari
  • Mohammad-Reza Foroutan
  • Mohammad Reza Golzar
  • Mohammad-Reza Golpaygani
  • Mohammad-Reza Hafeznia
  • Mohammad-Reza Hedayati
  • Mohammad-Reza Heidarian
  • Mohammad-Reza Honarmand
  • Mohammad Reza Jozi
  • Mohammad-Reza Khalatbari
  • Mohammad-Reza Khatami
  • Mohammad-Reza Lotfi
  • Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi
  • Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani
  • Mohammad Reza Mamani
  • Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (October 26, 1919 – July 27, 1980), the second Shah of the Pahlavi Dynasty and the last Shah of Iran
  • Mohammad-Reza Modarresi Yazdi
  • Mohammad Reza Rahimi
  • Mohammad-Reza Roudaki
  • Mohammad Reza Saket
  • Mohammad-Reza Shafiei Kadkani
  • Mohammad-Reza Shajarian
  • Mohammad-Reza Sharifinia
  • Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar
  • Mohammad-Reza Tavassoli
  • Mohammad-Reza Zahedi
  • Mohammad-Reza Zarrindast
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