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صومعه ایرانزو

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The Monastery of Royal Saint Mary of Iranzu is a Roman Catholic monastery located in Abárzuza, Navarre, Spain. It was founded by Pedro de Artajona in the late 1100s, being Artajona''s place of burial upon his death in 1193. The Cistercian Order had a large part in its building throughout the 12th century. It was dissolved in 1839 and confiscated by the State. It was abandoned and became ruinous until 1942, when the Provincial Government of Navarre refurbished it. One year after, a Theatine Fathers community was established there. The Cistercian-style church was built during 12th century. The cloister is partly Cistercian (12th century) and partly Gothic (13-14th centuries). Additional minor Renaissance parts were added during 17th century.

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