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Murad (Arabic: مراد‎) or variants Murat, Mourad, Morad and Mrad is an Arabic, Armenian, Turkish, Kurdish and Persian male given name and is commonly used throughout the Muslim world, and Arabic world.

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This section''s factual accuracy is disputed. (August 2012)

Murad means "desired" or "wished" in Arabic. It is derived from the Arabic quadriliteral root "Arad" meaning to desire.

The name Murad stems from the Persian word "morad" which means "fulfilment of a vow vowed" or simply wish''.

Given name Ottoman sultans
  • Murad I (1326–1389), often nicknamed Hüdavendigâr - from Persian: خداوندگار Khodāvandgār - "the God-like One", the third sultan. Received the name Murad through a play on the Persian word mordd, which means "wish or desire"
  • Murad II (1404–1451)
  • Murad III (1546–1595)
  • Murad IV (1612–1640)
  • Murad V (1840–1904)

  • Mourad the Great, nickname of Hampartsoum Boyadjian, an Armenian fedayee and political activist
  • Mourad Bouzidi, Dutch–Tunisian kickboxer
  • Mourad Daami, Tunisian football referee
  • Mourad Medelci, Algerian politician
  • Mourad Meghni, Algerian footballer
  • Morad Fareed, NY-based entrepreneur and former athlete
  • Morad Mameri, French-Algerian DJ, better known as DJ Mam''s
  • Morad Mohammadi, Iranian wrestler and Olympian
  • Abdul Hakim Murad (militant), alleged conspirator in the planned attacks called Operation Bojinka
  • Adel Murad, Iraqi politician
  • Dashni Murad. Kurdish pop singer
  • Ferid Murad, American physician and pharmacologist
  • Hadji Murad, Avar military commander
  • Raza Murad, Indian character actor, son of Murad
  • Timothy Winter, aka Abdal-Hakim Murad, British Islamic scholar
  • Waheed Murad, Pakistani film producer, writer, and actor
  • Zuhair Murad, a Beirut-based Lebanese fashion designer
  • Leila Mourad (1918-1995), Egyptian singer and actress
  • Mounir Mourad, Egyptian artist, singer and actor
  • Daniel Morad (born 1990), Canadian race car driver
  • Luciana Morad, also known as Luciana Gimenez, Brazilian fashion model and TV show hostess
  • Abdul Rahim Mrad, a former defense minister to Lebanon
  • Antón Arrufat Mrad (born 1935), Cuban dramatist, novelist, short story writer, poet and essayist
  • Mohamed Salah Ben Mrad (1881–1979), Tunisian theologian, journalist and intellectual
  • Murad, Iran, village in Iran
  • Morad, Iran, village in Iran
  • Morad Beygi, village in Iran
  • Morad Beyglu, village in Iran
  • Murad, Yemen or Hisn Murad, or Murad, small coastal fishing village
  • Murad (tribe) a Yemeni tribe

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