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(Wikipedia) - Muhammad Zaman This article is about the Persian calligrapher and painter. For the Afghan leader, see Mohammed Zaman. For other people, see Zaman.
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The Night Halt by Muhammad Zaman, page from an album of paintings and calligraphy, Musée du Louvre, 1680

Muhammad Paolo Zaman Kirmani known as Muhammad Zaman (fl. 1680 – c. 1700), a famous Safavid calligrapher and painter.


He was a native of Kirman, Persia. He received his education in Tabriz. He was sent to Rome under the reign of Shah Abbas II. He returned to Persia as a Christian with the name Paolo. Because of his Christianity he was obliged to escape from Persia to India where he obtained the protection of the Moghul dynasty.

Muhammad Zaman was influenced of Italian painting techniques. However, as Ivanov convincingly demonstrated, Muhammad Zaman studied under a European artist in Isfahan and the report of his being sent by Shah Abbas II to study in Italy, where he adopted Christianity, is no more than colourful legend.

It is reported that Manucci the famous traveller made the acquaintance of Muhammad Zaman at the court of Aurangzib.

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