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NIE in US coordinates the judgments of 16 intelligence agencies on a specific country or issue. (Wikipedia) - NIE
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NIE or Nie or Nieh (before pinyin) may mean:

  • Nie (surname), a Chinese family name, 聂
    • Nie Er, Chinese composer
    • Nie Rongzhen, Chinese Marshal
    • Nie Ch''i-Kuei or Nieh Ch''i-Kuei (聶緝槼), Provincial Judge of Shanghai under Empress Dowager Cixi. Nieh was a son-in-law of Zeng Guofan (曾国藩)
    • Nie Shicheng (Chinese: 聂士成), a Chinese general who served the Imperial government during the Boxer Rebellion
    • Nie Dan (known as Daniel Nie ), a winner of 2000 Sam Ragan Awards, a leading Chinese-American artist
  • NIE (weekly magazine), a Polish weekly magazine by Jerzy Urban
  • NIE (resistance) (short for Niepodległość), the Polish anti-communist resistance movement in 1940s

Or an acronym for:

  • Napoleon in Europe, a historical board wargame
  • National Institute of Education, a school in Singapore that provides professional training for teachers
  • National Institute of Engineering, a school in Karnataka, India
  • National Intelligence Estimate, a type of report by the United States Intelligence Community
  • New institutional economics
  • Newly industrializing economy
  • Newspapers in Education, a program encouraging the use of newspapers in the classroom as a teaching tool of essential academic and life skills
  • Newton''s Institute of Engineering, Macherla, a school in Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Northern Ireland Electricity
  • Northern Ireland Executive, devolved administration in Northern Ireland
  • Numero de Identificatión de Extranjero, the national tax identification number for foreigners in Spain
  • Network Integration Evaluation, conducted by the Brigade Modernization Command
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