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Updated:Thursday 6th December 2007

Nakhjevan Definition

Nakhjevan is an exclave of Greater Azerbaijan of Iran separated from the rest of the country by Russia in 1818 and became part of Russia according to Turkmenchai Treaty in 1828. On Feb, 9, 1924 Nakhjevan was founded as an independent republic. Located south of Caucasia and north of the Aras River, it has borders with Armenian Republic on East and North, and with Turkey on West.According to legend, Nakhjevan was one of the two cities built after the Great Flood of Noah. Nakhjevan was part of the Urartu Dynasty during 7-8 centuries B.C.Menueh founded his administrative center in Menu-Ahinili which is located at today’s Dashburun.Nakhjevan became part of the Median Empire in 6th century B.C.After integration of Median Empire to the Persian Empire, Nakhjevan became part of the Satrapy of Armenia under Achaemenid Persia around 521 BC and it was ruled by the family of Yerevandi. After Yerevandi, the Artashian ruled over the area before becoming subject to Parthian Empire. Under Parthia, It became part of the Atropatene (Greater Azerbaijan) and Armenian tribes ruled over this area; Siyuni in north and Artesruni in South.Nakhjevan became part of the Sassanid Empire in the 3d century and they installed border units in the area that also covered Albania and Eastern Caucasia. The area became the scene of many battles between Iran and Roman Empire and then Byzantium. From many Fire Altars and churches, it is understood that Zoroastrians and Christians lived here side by side.In the 16th century, the Safavid Empire took control of Nakhjevan again however, during the rise of the Ottoman Empire, Nakhjevan frequently suffered during the wars between Iranian and Ottomans. By the infamous Turkmenchai Treaty, the area including Nakhjevan was separated by Russia in 1818. 100 years later, in 1918, under USSR, Nakhjevan was annexed to the Republic of Armenia. Because of its Turkish majority, Nakhjevan declared independence and became part of the Azerbaijan Republic but with disintegration of the Soviet Republic, and the war between the two ex-Soviet republics, Nakhjevan was disconnected from Baku

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