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اینترنت ملی 2012

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Updated:Wednesday 18th April 2012

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(MNA) – Minister of Information and Communications Technology Reza Taqipour has dismissed the news reports claiming that Iran will completely shut down access to the Internet once it launches ‘National Internet’.Claims that Iran plans to disconnect itself from the Internet by August and replace it with national internet has no basis in fact, Taqipour told reporters on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.“We have no national internet, and what we have been assigned to do according to the Fifth (Five-Year) Development Plan is to (establish) a national data network,” Taqipour explained.Iran’s Fifth Five-Year Development Plan (2010-2015) is part of the 20-Year Outlook Plan (2005-2025), which is the country’s main blueprint for long-term sustainable growth.On May, 14th it was announced that Iran’s National Data Network would be launched within three months, Minister of Information and Communications Technology Reza Taqipour had said.The infrastructure for the National Data Network has almost been completed, he told the Fars news agency.According to Iranian officials, the National Data Network has been developed to increase the speed of access to the net and enhance the security of computer networks.

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