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New Iran Party Secretary-General Founder Founded Dissolved Succeeded by Ideology Political position Religion
حزب ایران نوین
Amir Abbas Hoveyda
Hassan Ali Mansour
2 March 1975
Rastakhiz Party
Iranian nationalism Civic nationalism Royalism
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The Iran Novin Party or New Iran Party (Persian ‏حزب ایران نوین) was an Iranian party founded in 1963 by Hasan Ali Mansur and his friends.


The party''s name was originally کانون مترقی (Progressive Association) and was changed to the Iran Novin Party in 1963. In the parliamentary election held 17 September 1963, the New Iran Party gained the majority of seats in the Majlis (140 out of 200). The opposition People''s Party (Mardom), which had previously held power in coalition with the defeated Nationalist Party (Melliun), was reduced from 65 seats to only 16, and Independent members held the remaining 44 seats.

Government posts were only awarded to members of the Iran Novin, leading to many parliamentarians switching allegiance from the People''s Party to the governing New Iran Party. Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi perceived this development as positive. For a decade the Iranian parliament was firmly in the hands of the New Iran Party, and by 1975 the Shah had decided to concentrate all political forces into a single party.

At that time, Party Secretary General Hasan Ali Mansur was the Prime Minister of Iran. With his death, Amir Abbas Hoveyda, became the new Prime Minister and Party Secretary General.

The Iran Novin Party won a majority at parliament in the 1968 and 1972 elections, and at the time of its merger with the Rastakhiz Party in 1975 was the largest and most supported party. Its political activity was extensively broad and involved several committees from the Central Committee. These committees included: Executive Committee and Politburo, the youth, women, farmers, workers, businessmen, union workers, trade unionists and other affiliated organizations.

The party released publications across the country which included the Call to Modern Iran newspaper. For the education of its members the party used the Political Science and State Party High School. Once the Rastakhiz Party was established, the high school''s alignment shifted toward the new party.

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