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Newport or New Port may also refer to:

ContentsPlaces Australia
  • Newport, New South Wales
  • Newport, Queensland
  • New Port, South Australia
  • Newport, Victoria
  • Newport, Chandler, Quebec
  • Newport, Quebec
  • Newport, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Newport Corner, Nova Scotia
  • Newport Landing, Nova Scotia
  • Newport Station, Nova Scotia
  • Newport, County Mayo
  • Newport, County Tipperary
New Zealand
  • Opua - originally named Newport
  • Newport City, Metro Manila - a district of Pasay
  • Nowy Port (New Port) - a district of Gdańsk
United KingdomEngland
  • Newport, Cornwall
  • Newport, East Riding of Yorkshire
  • Newport, Essex
  • Newport, Gloucestershire
  • Newport, Isle of Wight
    • Newport (Isle of Wight) (UK Parliament constituency)
  • Newport, Shropshire
    • Newport (Shropshire) (UK Parliament constituency)
    • Newport Rural District, Shropshire
  • Newport Pagnell
  • Newport-on-Tay
  • Newport, Caithness, a small hamlet on eastern shoreline of Caithness
  • Newport, Wales, a city and principal area in South Wales
    • Newport East (UK Parliament constituency)
    • Newport West (UK Parliament constituency)
    • Newport East (Assembly constituency)
    • Newport West (Assembly constituency)
    • Newport (Monmouthshire) (UK Parliament constituency), former constituency
    • Newport (district), former local government district
  • Newport, Pembrokeshire
United States

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