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Newton may refer to:

ContentsPeopleNewton as surname
  • Isaac Newton (1642–1727), English physicist, mathematician, alchemist, and philosopher
  • Newton (surname), lists of notable people with last name Newton
Newton as given name (forename)
  • Newton (Billy Myers) (born 1967), English pop singer
  • Newton Faulkner (born 1985), English singer-songwriter
  • Newton "Newt" Gingrich (born 1943), American politician and author
  • Newton Lee, nonprofit entrepreneur and magazine editor
  • Newton N. Minow (born 1926), American attorney, former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (1961–1963)
Science and technology
  • Newton (unit), SI unit of force named after Isaac Newton
  • Newton scale, temperature scale devised by Isaac Newton
  • XMM-Newton, orbiting X-ray observatory named after Isaac Newton
  • Newton (platform), a hardware-software platform developed by Apple, Inc.
  • Newton OS, an operating system for the Apple Newton
  • Newton Game Dynamics, a free physics engine for simulating rigid bodies in games and other real-time applications
Places Australia
  • Newton, South Australia
  • Newton, Edmonton, a neighborhood in Edmonton, Alberta
  • Newton Town Centre, a town center in Surrey, British Columbia
  • Newton Mills, Nova Scotia
New Zealand
  • Newton, New Zealand
  • Newton, Singapore
  • Newton Food Centre, Singapore
  • Newton MRT Station, Singapore
United States
  • Newton, Alabama
  • Newton, Georgia
  • Newton, Illinois
  • Newton, Iowa
  • Newton, Kansas
  • Newton, Massachusetts
  • Newton, Mississippi
  • Newton, New Hampshire
  • Newton, New Jersey
  • Newton, North Carolina
  • Newton, Texas
  • Newton, Utah
  • Newton, Wisconsin (disambiguation)
  • Newton County (disambiguation)
  • Newton Township (disambiguation)
United Kingdom England
  • Newton, Cheshire (disambiguation)
  • Newton, Derbyshire
  • Newton, Doncaster, South Yorkshire
  • Newton, Dorset
  • Newton, Fenland, Cambridgeshire
  • Newton, Fylde, Lancashire
  • Newton, Golden Valley, Herefordshire
  • Newton, Greater Manchester, a suburb of Hyde formerly in Cheshire
  • Newton, Hampton Court, Herefordshire
  • Newton, Lancaster
  • Newton, Lincolnshire
  • Newton, Merseyside
  • Newton, Norfolk
  • Newton, Nottinghamshire
  • Newton, Shropshire
  • Newton, South Cambridgeshire
  • Newton, South Gloucestershire
  • Newton, Suffolk (also known as Newton Green, Suffolk)
  • Newton, Warwickshire
  • Newton, West Midlands
  • Archdeacon Newton, Durham
  • Newton Abbot, Devon
  • Newton Aycliffe, Durham
  • Newton Blossomville, Buckinghamshire
  • Newton Bromswold, Northamptonshire
  • Newton Burgoland, Leicestershire
  • Newton by Malpas, Cheshire
  • Newton by Tattenhall, Cheshire
  • Newton-by-the-Sea, Northumberland
  • Newton Harcourt, Leicestershire
  • Newton Heath (formerly Newton), Manchester
  • Newton-in-Bowland, Lancashire
  • Newton-in-Furness, Cumbria
  • Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside
  • Newton-le-Willows, North Yorkshire
  • Newton Longville, Buckinghamshire
  • Newton Regis, Warwickshire
  • Newton under Roseberry, North Yorkshire
  • Newton with Scales, Lancashire
  • RAF Newton, Nottinghamshire
  • Hardhorn with Newton, Lancashire
  • Walford, Letton and Newton, Herefordshire
  • Newton, Midlothian
  • Newton, North Uist, Na h-Eileanan an Siar
  • Newton, Scottish Borders
  • Newton (Lanark) railway station
  • Newton, West Lothian
  • Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire
  • Newton of Ardtoe, Highland
  • Newton-on-Ayr railway station, South Ayrshire
  • Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway
  • Newton Wamphray, Dumfries and Galloway
  • Barony of Newton, Stirlingshire
  • Newton, Brecknockshire
  • Newton, Bridgend
  • Newton, Swansea
  • Newton Running, a manufacturer of running shoes under the brand name "Newton"
  • Newton (lunar crater)
  • Newton (Martian crater)
  • Newton (Blake), a print by William Blake
  • The Newton Letter by John Banville, first published in 1982
  • Newton (band), Spanish electronic music group
  • Newton Vineyard, Californian wine estate partially owned by LVMH
  • Newton, a centaur sidekick to Hercules in The Mighty Hercules animated series

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