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Nippur was an Sumerian ancient city. It was the special seat of the worship of the Sumerian god Enlil, the "Lord of Wind,". Nippur was located in modern Nuffar in Afak, Al-Qadisiyyah Governorate, Iraq. (Wikipedia) - Nippur For the Argentinian comic books character, see Nippur de Lagash. Nippur Location Region Coordinates Type
Ruins of a temple in Nippur-the brick structure on top was constructed by American archaeologists around 1900.
Shown within Iraq
Nuffar, Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate, Iraq
32°07′35.2″N 45°14′0.17″E / 32.126444°N 45.2333806°E / 32.126444; 45.2333806Coordinates: 32°07′35.2″N 45°14′0.17″E / 32.126444°N 45.2333806°E / 32.126444; 45.2333806

Nippur (Sumerian: Nibru, often logographically recorded as

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