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Northrop Corporation was a major United States aircraft manufacturer which merged with Grumman in 1994 to form Northrop Grumman.

Northrop may also refer to:


In the United States:

  • Northrop, Minnesota, a town
  • Northrop, Minneapolis, Minnesota, a neighborhood
  • Northrop Auditorium, on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota
  • Northrop Field, a former stadium for the University of Minnesota
  • Northrop High School, in Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Northrop University, a former aviation institute
  • Mount Northrop in Minnesota
  • Ann Northrop, an American journalist and activist
  • Chris Northrop, an American actor
  • Cyrus Northrop, an American university president
  • Edward Skottowe Northrop, an American federal judge
  • F. S. C. Northrop, an American philosopher
  • Henry P. Northrop, an American Roman Catholic bishop
  • Jack Northrop (John Knudsen Northrop) (1895–1981), American aircraft industrialist and designer who founded the Northrop Corporation
  • James Henry Northrop, the inventor of the Northrop Loom
  • John Howard Northrop (1891–1987), biochemist
  • Lucius B. Northrop, a Confederate States of America colonel
  • Sandy Northrop, a television producer
  • Wayne Northrop, an American actor
Given name
  • Northrop Frye, a Canadian literary theorist

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