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Nut, NUT, Nuts or NUTS may refer to:

  • Nut (fruit), a fruit composed of a hard shell and a seed
  • 1 Mechanical tools
  • 2 Media and entertainment
  • 3 Organisations
  • 4 Slang
  • 5 Science and technology
  • 6 Other uses
  • 7 See also
Mechanical tools
  • Nut (hardware), a fastener used with a bolt
  • Nut (climbing), a piece of metal wedged into a rock
  • Nut (string instrument), of a string instrument is a small piece of hard material which supports the strings at the end closest to the headstock or scroll
  • Nut, the moving element of a ball screw
Media and entertainment
  • Nuts (play), a 1979 play by Tom Topor
  • Nuts (film), a 1987 American drama film directed by Martin Ritt; the screenplay by Tom Topor, Darryl Ponicsan, and Alvin Sargent is based on Topor''s 1979 play of the same title
  • Nuts (magazine), a weekly UK men''s magazine
  • Nuts TV, a British television channel related to Nuts magazine
  • Nuts, a 1970s comic strip in National Lampoon by Gahan Wilson
  • Nuts, a 1990s comic strip in alternative newspapers by M. Wartella
  • Nut (movie character) from the 1983 Hong Kong crime comedy, Oh, My Cops!, and the 1990 Hong Kong crime thriller, Against All
  • Nut (Marvel Comics), a fictional character appearing in the Marvel Comics universe, based loosely on Nut, the Egyptian goddess of the sky
  • Modesto Nuts, a minor league baseball team in Modesto, California, USA
  • NBC Universal Television Studio, former name of Universal Television, the television production arm of NBCUniversal
  • National Union of Teachers, a British trade union for school teachers
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, by former designation
  • NUT Motorcycles, a British motorcycle manufacturer founded in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1912 by Hugh Mason and Jock Hall
  • Nut, slang for a person suffering from insanity
  • Testicle
  • Truck nuts, accessories for pickup trucks and other vehicles
  • Headbutt, strike with the head
  • Nut hand, a poker term
Science and technology
  • NUTS (talker), an Internet communications server
  • Network UPS Tools
  • NUT Container, an FFmpeg multimedia container format
Other uses
  • Nut (goddess), the Egyptian goddess of the sky
  • Nut, the En dash, traditionally half the width of an em dash
  • "Nuts!", a quote attributed to General Anthony McAuliffe at the Battle of Bastogne
  • The Nut, a landmark near Stanley, Tasmania
  • Niue time, the UTC−11:00 time zone
  • No U-turn syndrome, a term describing Singaporean culture
  • Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics, a standard for referencing the administrative divisions of European countries
  • Nuclear utilization target selection, a theory regarding nuclear weaponry
  • The Nut (disambiguation)

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