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Offside, off-sides, off-side or off side may refer to:

  • the right hand side of the horse in equestrianism
  • Offside (sport), a rule in a number of field team sports designed to help ensure players move together as a team
    • Offside (association football)
    • Offside (American football)
    • Offside (bandy)
    • Offside (rugby)
    • Offside (ice hockey)
    • Offside (field hockey)
  • Off side, From the point of view of a right-handed batsman facing the bowler, the right hand side of the cricket field (being to the bowler''s left). With a left-handed batsman the off side is to the batter''s left.
  • Offside (TV series), a Scottish football programme
  • Offside (2006 Iranian film), an Iranian film released in 2006
  • Offside (2006 Swedish film), a Swedish film released in 2006
  • Offside (2009 film), an Australian film released in 2009
  • Offside (magazine), a Swedish football magazine
  • Offside (book), a Spanish novel (original title El delantero centro fue asesinado al atardecer) from Manuel Vázquez Montalbán
  • in Right- and left-hand traffic#Terminology - the side of the car furthest from the curb
  • Off-side rule, an interpretation for indentation in some computer programming languages
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