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Ordibehesht Definition

Ordibehesht/Turavahara Second month of the year in Persian Solar Calendar (Iranian civil calendar) Ordibehesht has 31 days and begins in April and ends in May (April 21-May 21). Ordibehesht is the 2nd month of spring..- Ordibeheshtgan is of month name Persian Festivities celebrated in Ordibehesht (Wikipedia) - Ordibehesht

Ordibehesht (Persian: اردیبهشت, Persian pronunciation: ) is the second month of the Solar Hijri calendar, the official calendar of Iran and Afghanistan. Ordibehesht has 31 days, spanning the months of April and May in the Gregorian calendar.

Its associated astrological sign in the tropical zodiac is Taurus.

Ordibehesht is the second month of the spring season (Bahar), and is followed by Khordad.

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  • 17 - 1391 - Iraj Ghaderi, an Iranian film director and actor.
  • 24 - 1392 - Mohammad Ezodin Hosseini Zanjani, Iranian Twelver Shi''a Marja.

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