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Parviz Fattah (Persian: سید پرویز فتاح ‎) (born 1961) is an Iranian politician, former member of Revolutionary Guard and former minister of energy in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad''s first cabinet from 2005 to 2009.

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Early life and education

Born in Urmia in 1961, he has a master''s degree in systems engineering from Imam Hussein University in Tehran.


Fattah was appointed energy minister in 2005 and approved by the Majlis with 194 votes in favor. He was in office until 2009. Then he became the executive director of the foundation, Bonyad Taavon Sepah, which is the IRGC''s cooperative foundation He was also named deputy commander of the IRGC''s construction body, Khatam ol Anbia.


The US Treasury Department put sanctions on Fattah in December 2010 due to his activities in the Bonyad Taavon Sepah that provides services to the IRGC.

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