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    Persian Definition

    A native or national of ancient or modern Persia or Iran, or a person of Persian descent. the language of modern Iran, an Indo-European language written in Arabic script. (Wikipedia) - Persian
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    Persian means of, from, or related to Persia (Iran), or the Persian-speaking world.

    Persian may refer to:

    • Persian architecture, architecture of contemporary Iran and the Iranian Cultural Continent
    • Persian carpet, an essential part of Persian art and culture
    • Persian cuisine, traditional and modern styles of cooking related to Iran
    • Persian language, an Iranian language of the Indo-European family
      • Persian alphabet, a writing system based on the Arabic script
    • Persian people, an ethnic group
    Other uses
    • Persian (cat), a long-haired breed of cat characterized by its round face and shortened muzzle
    • Persian (Pokémon), a fictional Pokémon species
    • Persian (roll), a pastry native to Thunder Bay, Ontario
    • The Persian, a character from Gaston Leroux''s The Phantom of the Opera

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