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Redesigning of a female cloth from ancient Persia (Parthian era, 200 BC.), Designer: Maryam Entezami

Persian miniature paintings employ both vivid and muted colors for clothing, although the colors of paint pigment often do not match the colors of dyes. Persian men and women usually wore a full-length pants called Shalvar. Undergarments for men were limited to a pair of short pants, called zir-šalvar (literally “under-pants”).

Persian clothing, although not worn in urban areas, has been well preserved in texts and paintings throughout history, and is still worn in various forms in rural parts of the Persian countries of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan today.

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Men''s dress

Men also wear the Pirahan, Shalvar, and Jameh combination, often with a wide belt called Kamarband, from which English gets the word "cummerbund". As with the Pirahan Shalvar for women, there are a variety of cuts and lengths to these articles of clothing for men as well.

Headdresses are also worn by men in traditional wear, known as the Sarband. Long robes and loin cloths were also worn by the women and men in Persia. They often used gold jewelry.

Queen Farah Diba''s royal custom inspired by ancient Persian designs - Designer: Keyvan KhosravaniShared clothing culture of Persia and South Asia

The Mughals, who ruled most of the Indian subcontinent for centuries, brought these styles of Persian dress to South Asia, which explains the sometimes identical costumes in India and Pakistan, some of which bear the same Persian name.

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